Kpler LPG Interesting Moves (Released on 23 February 2016)

  • JS Ineos Intrepid is currently docked at an ethane berth at the Marcus Hook terminal. Her sister ships are doing the following:
  • JS Ineos Ingenuity has been waiting outside Marcus Hook since Feb. 22nd.
  • JS Ineos Inspiration is heading across the Pacific towards Balboa Anchorage with an ETA of Feb. 26th.
  • JS Ineos Insight has been sitting as floating storage at Scapa Flow since Feb. 4th.
  • There are several NWE/Med. cargoes that are expected to leave the region and head Far East in the upcoming weeks:
    • Vitol’s Morston loaded in Kaarstoe on Feb. 11th and is currently headed towards Port Said.
    • Vitol has also fixed Saltram to load in Bethioua. Her AIS is signalling that she will reach the port on Feb. 25th.
    • Statoil’s British Courage is expected to load in Kaarstoe at the beginning of March.
    • Statoil has also fixed BW Cedar to load a cargo out of Europe/Med during the same time period.
  • Another Statoil vessel, Perseverance V, loaded in Targa on Jan. 27th and is heading Far East. Instead of heading around the Cape of Good Hope, she has recently passed through the Suez Canal.
  • PTT issued a buy tender to import 44kt at their terminal in Sriracha between Feb. 22nd-23rd. E1’s BW Trader loaded a cargo in Al Ruwais on Feb. 10th and is signalling a discharge at Sriracha on Feb. 23rd.
  • Our Excel API shows that Japan has imported approximately 840kt of LPG in Feb.-to-date, with the majority having come from Al Ruwais, UAE. Here is a breakdown of Japan’s import flows by country, and by installation: