Kpler U.S. Gas Weekly (Released on 2 November 2016)

U.S. Market

Sabine Pass Inventories

The Sabine Pass plant resumed LNG production this week, and loaded a cargo on board Cheniere’s Clean Ocean on 1-November. The terminal has been undergoing maintenance since mid-September.

We observed a record high send-in level on 1-November of 1,425 Bcf/d, which indicates that both trains are operating at full capacity.

Sabine Pass: Lineup 

There is an influx of seven vessels expected to arrive at the terminal in the next few weeks:

Eligible Vessels for Sabine Pass 

There are several ballast vessels heading toward the Americas with no clear destination:

  • Gas Natural’s La Mancha Knutsen: she is currently floating in the S. Atlantic.
  • Shell’s Sestao Knutsen: the vessel is now crossing the N.Atlantic toward the Americas.
  • Shell’s Methane Julia Louise: the vessel just crossed Gibraltar and is headed toward the Atlantic.

Main HighlightsEngie’s Gaselys arrived at the Massachusetts Bay on 1-November to discharge her Atlantic LNG-sourced cargo, and is currently floating off of the Everett terminal.

Shell’s Bilbao Knutsen discharged her Sabine Pass cargo at Aqaba on 1-November. This is the third delivery from Sabine Pass to Jordan.

Cheniere’s Clean Ocean loaded at Sabine Pass on 1-November, and is now crossing the Gulf of Mexico.

Sabine Pass Export Prices

Panama Canal Transit