Kpler EU Gas (Increased Send-Out level in Dragon)

Originally Released on 27 April 2017


North West Europe: Lineup and Inventories

France: Lineup and Inventories

France is currently expecting nine cargoes to arrive:

Forecasted Vessels

South Hook:

The line-up for the terminal has been updated as following:
Increased sendout level at Dragon indicates that a cargo could arrive in the next few weeks.

Shell’s Gaslog Shanghai loaded at Peru LNG on 4-April and is delivering her cargo to the terminal, ETA 1-May according to the Port Authorities.

Rasgas’ Al Khuwair loaded at Ras Laffan on 5-April and is still expected at the terminal on 5-May.


Rasgas’ Arctic Aurora is delivering her backhaul Ras Laffan cargo to the terminal on 11-May.

In connection to her discharge, Kpler analysts expect low send-out level until 11-May.

Fos Tonkin:

We expect low sendout level during scheduled maintenance from 21-April till 12-May with 20% regasification capacity reduction.

There are two vessels expected at the port:

To Keep on Your Radar

Qatargas’ Aamira arrived at Ras Laffan anchorage on 25-April and is about to load a cargo.

Qatargas’ Al Ghariya is now loading at Ras Laffan and her next destination is not yet clear.

Rasgas’ Simaisma lifted a cargo at Ras Laffan on 24-April and is now crossing the Persian Gulf with no clear destination.

LNG Port-Harcourt Ii loaded at Bonny on 25-April and is now indicating Europe via AIS, ETA 8-May.

LNG Data Analysis

Ras Laffan Cargo Liftings Weekly

This week we observe more vessels headed Far East.
European Stocks and Send-outs

European Stocks and Send-Outs are computed Thursday-Thursday (@ 6:00 AM).

At South Hook, we observed stable average send-out level of 318.48 GWh/d this week.