Kpler LPG (Iran LPG Exports April 2017)

Originally Released on 18 May 2017



Originally signaled for Bonny Island Port, Shell’s Hellas Sparta changed her destination and is now passing COGH to load at Nederland by 6-Jun.
Since the beginning of May, 4 VLGC’s and 1 MGC have completed their loading in the US and are expected to discharge in LAM:
  • Petredec’s Clipper Victory, waiting in front of Chorrillo to discharge her 40 Kt propane cargo, ex-Enterprise.
  • Mercuria’s Constellation, waiting in front of Suape to discharge her 46 Kt propane cargo, ex-Marcus Hook.
  • Shell’s Cougar, waiting in front of Suape to discharge her 46 Kt propane cargo, ex-Enterprise.
  • Trafigura’s Warisoulx, to discharge her 21 Kt propane cargo at Quintero Port, ETA 21-May, ex-Enterprise.
  • Shell’s Comet, to discharge her 46 Kt propane cargo in Chile, ETA 24-May, ex-Nederland. The exact terminals are yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.
  • Petrobras’ Bw Austria, to discharge her 46 Kt propane cargo at Suape, ETA 26-May, ex-Enterprise.
Geogas’ Bw Pine has docked at Aruba Anchorage, ex-Freeport. She is expected to discharge her 44 Kt propane cargo via STS with Vitol’s Berge Summit who has arrived at Aruba Anchorage around the same date and Trafigura’s Bw Prince who’s been there since the beginning of 2017. Berge Summit is heading to continue her STS operations at Aruba Anchorage after her stop at St. Thomas Anchorage completing several STS operations since Oct-2016.
Statoil’s Polar is heading to discharge at Newington, ex-Kaarstoe, ETA 27-May. This is the first cargo transfer between the two terminals since Aug-2015.
We are witnessing a number of VLGC’s who were expected to head to USGC for reload after their discharge at Far East according to the market, but changed their routes and are now heading to Persian Gulf for reload or waiting at SGP Area until their exact destination is confirmed:
  • Continental, loaded at Al Ruwais and is now heading to discharge in FE.
  • Passat, currently waiting at SGP Area. She is expected to load at Persian Gulf under Shell, ETA end May/early June.
  • Bw Cedar, expected at SGP Area by 22-May.
  • G.Arete, expected at SGP Area by 22-May.
  • Bw Vision, expected to load at Yanbu by 29-May under IOC.
  • Aquamarine Progress, expected at Fujairah by 25-May.


Enterprise is exporting its first VLGC cargo to Jorf Lasfar. The nominated vessel is Sumire Gas who is fixed by Vitol to discharge her 45 Kt propane cargo by 24-May.
Total’s Gaschem Bremen to discharge at Flushing Port, ex-N’Kossa, ETA 26-May. The last cargo export from WAF to the Netherlands dates back to Jan-2015.
Originally signaled for Mohammedia, Glencore’s Karoline N has changed her destination and is now on her way to Cyprus. She is expected to discharge her 40 Kt butane cargo via STS.
After completing her discharge at Flushing and Stenungsund, ex-Freeport, Bw Princess proceeded to load at Kaarstoe and is now heading to Dortyol Port to discharge her 45 Kt cargo.
Petredec’s Spread Eagle discharged her cargo at several installation in Turkey, ex-Kaarstoe & Hammerfest. She is expected to head to the US to reload in Houston under Naftomar, ETA 31-May.
Sonatrach’s Alrar has signaled for Suez again after discharging fully her 32 Kt cargo via several STS’s at Mumbai Anchorage with Sun Aries, Nordic Gas and Navigator Scorpio.


Bw Gemni is expected to discharge her cargo via STS at Beira, ex-Sanha. She completed her previous discharge at Lomé Anchorag after loading at Oso.

above: Bw Gemini’s route for her last two voyages
6 VLGC’s are currently loading or are expected to load in WAF by the end of May or early June:
  • Clipper Venus, currently loading at Bioko.
  • Bw Boss, currently waiting to load at Bonny Island Port.
  • Astomos’ Sunny Green to load via STS at Tema, ETA 24-May.
  • Chevron’s Hellas Hercules to load at Sanha, ETA 29-May.
  • Petredec’s Bw Leo to load at Escravos, ETA 1-Jun.
  • Petredec’s Bw Loyalty to load at Bonny Island Port, ETA 3-Jun.
  • It is also worth mentioning Cougar who is currently waiting in front of Suape to discharge her cargo, ex-Enterprise. She is expected to head to load at Bonny afterwards under Total, ETA end-May.


India is chartering 3 VLGC’s and 3 MGC’s to pick up LPG cargoes out of the Middle East by the end of May:

  • Kailash Gas to load at Al Ruwais under HPCL, ETA 23-May.
  • Bw Energy to load at Mina Al-Ahmadi under IOC, ETA 21-May.
  • Bw Vision to load at Yanbu under IOC, ETA 29-May.
  • Ontario, waiting in front of Ras Tanura to load under IOC.
  • Maharshi Devatreya to load at Ras Laffan under IOC, ETA 25-May. This is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.
  • Maharshi Mahatreya to load at Ras Laffan under IOC, ETA 20-May. This is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.
Shell’s Shaamit has signaled for Java Sea, ETA 18-Jun. Her exact destination in Indonesia is yet to be confirmed.
With Astomos expecting to pick up its third VLGC loading out of Australia, May seems to be an active month for Australia already:
  • Lucina Providence, expected to load at Westerport by 20-May.
  • Energy Orpheus, who is currently loading at NWS.
  • Toyosu Maru, who completed her laoding at Bayu Undan and is now on her way to discharge at Sendai by 20-May.
It is also worth mentioning the 2 VLGC’s on the discharging side who are heading to Australia at the moment, both ex-USGC:
  • Geogas’ Pointis to discharge at Botany by 6-Jun, ex-Freeport.
  • Trafigura’s Bw Njord to discharge via STS at Brisbane Anchorage by 30-May, ex-Enterprise.
Iran April LPG Exports: Record Low in 2017

With 237 Kt of exports in April (recorded by Kpler), Iran experienced the lowest month in 2017 and one the lowest ones ever in exports. One reason was due to the delay in the loading of some vessels including Caspian Energy’s Sea Dragon and Gas Commerce who were expected to load at Asaluyeh and BIK respectively in Apr, but were carried over to May. China still remained as the most important country with 199 Kt of imports. With 6 VLGC’s already loaded and 3 expected to load so far (Everrich 10LPG Capricorn & Gas Crystal), May seems to be a rising month in the exports for Iran.

As part of the plan to raise its LPG exports from around 1000 Kt/y to 3800 Kt/y by next year, Iranian state-owned gas company NIGC’s subisidiary IGCC signed a contract with India at the end of April for one VLGC per month for an initial six months.


 below: Iran LPG exports by destination countries