Kpler US Gas (Exports increase to Mexico in June)

Originally Released on 5 July 2017


Sabine Pass Inventories

We observed an increased average send-in level of 1.94 Bcf/d this week.


Sabine Pass: Lineup 

Currently, 13 vessels are expected to arrive in the next few weeks:


Eligible Vessels for Sabine Pass 

There are several ballast vessels heading toward the Americas with no clear destination:

Main Highlights

Total’s Maran Gas Mystras lifted a cargo at Sabine Pass on 24-June and is expected to discharge it at Grain, ETA 7-July. This is the first delivery of US LNG from Sabine Pass to the UK.

Cheniere’s Clean Ocean is now delivering her tender cargo to CFE at Manzanillo, ETA 11-July. Initially BP’d British Emerald was expected to arrive to the terminal from Atlantic LNG, but the vessel diverted on 30-June and is currently floating offshore of Tenerife.

Kogas’ Sm Seahawk lifted a cargo at Sabine Pass on 2-July and is now signalling for Tongyeong, ETA 31-July.

Shell’s Maran Gas Hector loaded on 27-June at Sabine Pass and is expected to discharge at Altamira, ETA 6-July.

CFE issued a 9 cargoes tender with delivery from 15-June to 31-August to Altamira. The terminal received the first one on 30-June. Another tender is currently open until 10-July, with 3 cargoes delivery from 15-August to 3-September to Altamira.

Engie’s FSRU Gdf Suez Cape Ann loaded at Atlantic LNG on 22-June and is about to discharge at Everett, ETA 5-July.

Sabine Pass Exports by Destination

We observed an increase in exports to Mexico in June 2017 (0.54 Mt out of total 1.13 Mt):