Kpler EU Gas (Arctic Princess expected to discharge at Klaipeda ETA 22-July)

Originally Released on 20 July 2017


North West Europe: Lineup and Inventories

Spain: Lineup and Inventories

Forecasted Vessels

South Hook:
The terminal is still expecting the following vessels to arrive in the next few days:
Iberdola’s Arctic Discoverer will load at Snohvit on 22-July and is expected to deliver a cargo to Grain on 2-August.

Shell’s Maran Gas Mystras is now reloading at Gate. Another reload is potentially expected on 28-July onboard Woodside Rees Withers based on her AIS signal – the vessel is currently ballasting towards the terminal.

Qatargas’ Al Gharrafa lifted a cargo at Ras Laffan on 5-July and is delivering to Gate on 27-July.


Rasgas’ Al Khuwair loaded at Ras Laffan on 12-July and is now headed towards the terminal, ETA 31-July according to the Port Authorities.
Rasgas’ Milaha Qatar is delivering her tender cargo from Ras Laffan on 22-July.

Engie’s Grace Cosmos re-exported a cargo on 24-June and is expected to discharge at Qidong on 25-July.

Currently, three vessels are expected to discharge at the terminal in the next few weeks:

Statoil’s Arctic Princess loaded at Snohvit on 12-July and is delivering a cargo on 22-July.
Kpler analysts expect Al Hamla to deliver her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo on 3-August.
LNG Lagos Ii is now discharging her Bonny-sourced cargo at the terminal

To Keep on Your Radar

Rasgas’ Umm Bab loaded at Ras Laffan on 13-July and is currently crossing the Red Sea with no clear destination.

Trafigura’s Energy Atlantic lifted a cargo at Ras Laffan on 13-July and is now signalling for the Suez Canal.

LNG Data Analysis

Ras Laffan Cargo Liftings Weekly

This week the majority of the vessels headed towards Far East and the Middle East.
European Stocks and Send-outsEuropean Stocks and Send-Outs are computed Thursday-Thursday (@ 6:00 AM).

At South Hook, we observed a stable average send-out level of 179.44 GWh/d this week.

European Re-exports

The trend of European re-exports has been declining over the past year: