Kpler LPG Interesting Moves

Originally Released on 1 February 2018

9 vessels with US-sourced LPG are currently headed towards Europe. Among other reasons, these cargoes gave preference to Europe instead of doing their regular deliveries to the Far East due to the upcoming Chinese New Year (that fell on February 16) and therefore traditionally lower interest from Chinese buyers during this period.

This therefore resulted in the largest shipments of U.S. LPG to Europe since January 2017 and reached 461 kt last month. More detailed breakdown of U.S. shipments to Europe can be obtained directly on Kpler platform.

U.S. LPG deliveries to Europe



Vitol’s Yuyo Spirit discharged her Bonny-sourced cargo via 2 partials in China last month and is now heading back to Bonny. Her estimated loading date is 23-Feb.

Almajedah is currently ballasting next to Ras Laffan port and will potentially switch from carrying Ammonia to LPG.

Statoil’s Clipper Posh is now ballasting towards Gibraltar after discharging her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo between China and South Korea.



ExxonMobil’s Oriental King is now delivering her evenly-split 46 kt cargo from Westernport to Japan. At the same time, Geogas’ Cratis is now floating offshore Botany and is ready to discharge her Freeport-sourced propane cargo there.

After discharing her Westernport-sourced cargo in Japan, Gas Taurus is now crossing Pacific Ocean to pick up her next cargo from USGC, ETA 28-Feb.



Geogas’ Eagle Ford Lady is now heading at 14 knots towards Western Africa with her Enterprise-sourced cargo. Her final destination is yet to be determined.

Petredec’s newbuild Pinza is now crossing the Pacific Ocean on her way to pick up a maiden cargo from the USGC. Kpler Analysts expect her to cross the Panama Canal around 17 February.

4 laden VLGCs are currently floating next to Ningbo Port in China:

VLGCs waiting to discharge at Ningbo
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