Kpler LNG (Increasing Brazil imports)


Originally Released on 28 September 2017


We observed several vessels diverted from Barcelona recently. BP’s British Diamond loaded at Atlantic LNG on 13-September and was diverted on 25-September. She is now confirmed for Bahia Blanca, ETA 10-October:

Another cargo was expected to arrive at Barcelona on 29-September onboard NLNG’s LNG Oyo – the vessel diverted on 20-September and is now headed towards Brazil, ETA 1-October.

Shell’s Methane Lydon Volney was initially expected to arrive 23-September and diverted to South Korea instead, ETA 15-October.

Potential Diversion: Qatargas’ Umm Al Amad has indicated Barcelona as her next destination, ETA 28-October. According to her current course and heading, this could be a potential cargo for the APAC region instead:

Gas Natural’s Iberica Knutsen diverted from Ponce and is now delivering her Atlantic LNG-sourced cargo to Bahia, ETA 4-October:

Engie’s Gaselys loaded from Idku on 15-August, and after a stop offshore of Revithoussa she headed towards Gibraltar. She diverted on 25-September and is now floating again in the same area.



Qatargas’ Onaiza was swapped with Qatargas’ Al Karaana for the delivery from Ras Laffan to South HookAl Karaana is now expected to deliver a cargo on 9-October. Meanwhile, Onaiza loaded at Ras Laffan on 28-September and is now headed towards Far East, ETA 15-October.

Petrochina’s Rudong terminal is receiving their first Pluto cargo aboard Woodside Donaldson, ETA 5-October.

Qatargas’ Al Ruwais is expected by Kpler Analysts to discharge her cargo at Swinoujscie, ETA 18-October.

Trafigura’s Hoegh Giant is signalling for Gate where she will reload, ETA 12-October.

Petrobras’ Cool Runner is currently reloading at Montoir, with Brazil as her potential destination.

Shell’s Maran Gas Pericles is delivering a tender cargo from Bonny for CFE at Altamira, ETA 11-October.

Engie’s Gdf Suez Cape Ann lifted a cargo at Idku on 10-September and is currently signalling for SGP area, ETA 11-October. The vessel took the route via the Cape of Good hope.

Yamal LNG’s Christophe De Margerie is now ballasting towards Yamal, ETA 9-October.

Sinopec’s newbuild Cesi Tianjin is now signalling for Curtis Island where she will load her maiden cargo, ETA 11-October.



We observe increasing imports to Brazil since the beginning of 2016. Kpler analysts expect 0.27 Mt to be delivered in September 2017:

Monthly Brazil Imports by Origin 


Kpler LNG (Storage Vessels)

Originally Released on 21 September 2017

Storage Vessels

We have observed an uptick in loaded vessels floating without clear destinations:

BP’s British Sapphire loaded from Atlantic LNG 3rd August, and is now floating at Fujairah

Omani vessel Salalah LNG loaded from Qalhat 1st September, and is also at Fujairah

Engie’s BW Boston loaded from Atlantic LNG 2nd September, diverted East into the N.Atlantic on September 16th, and diverted back into the Caribbean Sea on 19th September

LNG Portovenere, loading for Jovo, has been floating near Hong Kong since 13th September

 Engie’s Gaselys loaded from Idku 15th August, and is now floating near Revithoussa


Grain will receive a partial cargo aboard Tessala, who just finished discharging at Barcelona. Mozah is also expected to deliver to Grain in early October.

Cool Runner will take a reload from Montoir on 27th September. The terminal is currently expecting to receive 2 cargoes from LNG Ogun and Gaslog Saratoga.

Al Sheehaniya will arrive at Dragon on 29 Sept as per her AIS. She was initially expected on 23 Sept by Milford Haven PA.


Gas Natural’s Ribera Del Duero Knutsen will deliver her Sabine Pass cargo to Bahia. She was initially for Gate. This will be the 3rd US cargo to Brazil this year.

After being docked at Galveston for 3 weeks, Cheniere’s Oak Spirit is leaving the Gulf of Mexico ballast. She is currently crossing the North Atlantic. Shell’s Scf Mitre is also leaving the Gulf ballast.

After a 16 day hiatus since the last received vessel, Peru LNG has exported a cargo aboard Maran Gas Lindos


Clean Energy has finished delivering partial cargoes to Huadian at Qidong and PetroChina at Rudong. Due to entry of new market participants and increased spot volumes, China has already received 26.7MT of LNG in 2017, just shy of the 26.8MT received annually in 2016.

Petrobras’s long term chartered vessel Esshu Maru will deliver her Bethioua cargo to Dahej, ETA 28 Sept.

Petronas newbuild Seri Cempaka has delivered her maiden cargo from Bintulu to Dapeng.

Initially for Gladstone for loading on 20 Sept, Seri Bijaksana was instead laid up at Miri Anchorage.



Kpler LNG (Wheatstone project is starting up)


Originally Released on 14 September 2017

Diversions of the Week

Loaded with Peruvian cargo, Methane Lydon Volney was expected to deliver to Barcelona, Spain according to Peru and Barcelona Port Authorities; however, she is currently sailing towards the Indian Ocean via Cape of Good Hope.

According to AIS data, Meridian Spirit was initially heading to Tobata after loading a Sabine Pass cargo for GAIL. She delivered the cargo to Manzanillo instead.

Two China bound vessels were seen slowing down or drifting away from the region

Gaslog Sydney with initial destination Ningbo, and Min Rong with destination Fujian. China currently is in path of both Typhoon Talim and Doksuri.

Vessels & Installations

Chevron’s Wheatstone project is starting up. The first cargo will be loaded aboard Asia Venture on 21st September.

Sabine Pass resumed operations after the effects of Harvey, observing record send-in volume of 2,636,000mcf on September 12th. 5 vessels have completed loading since the restart; Ribera Del Duero Knutsen and Hyundai Oceanpia are currently at the berth.

Methane Kari Elin used to trade Atlantic LNG cargoes for BG till 2014. After being laid-up for 3 years, she is back online and will load at QCLNG.

Japan will receive their 2nd Soyo cargo of 2017 aboard BW GDF Suez Brussels

Dahej received a record 1.4MT in August, bolstered by spot purchases from Torrent Power and Essar.

Interesting Moves

Rovigo received their first Sabine Pass cargo aboard Shell’s Castillo De Santisteban

Woodside Rees Withers heard chartered to SK to load a Sabine Pass cargo

Total’s Arctic Lady is delivering a Snohvit cargo to Dunkerque, ETA 19th September

Shell’s Maran Gas Posidonia delivered partial Gorgon cargoes between Boryeong and Gwangyang.

Gas Natural’s Ribera Del Duero Knutsen is expected to deliver her Sabine Pass cargo at Gate, ETA 6-October.

Amadi loaded the 600th shipment from Darwin LNG 12th September 2017. She will deliver the cargo to Ohgishima terminal.

Engie’s FSRU GDF Suez Cape Ann is loaded with an Idku cargo and crossing the Mediterranean. She will be chartered to CNOOC from mid-November.

After a short maintenance stopover in Salalah, Al Sheehaniya is back en-route to Europe


Kpler LNG (High Imports by Middle East)

Originally Released on 7 September 2017

Diversions of the Week

In connection to the Harvey storm and disruption of Sabine Pass liftings, Kpler analysts expect to see several diverted or cancelled cargo deliveries. Shell’s Maran Gas Agamemnon loaded at Sabine Pass on 21-August and was initially signalling for Dahej, ETA 17-September. She changed her route on 31-August and is now headed towards Gibraltar with no clear destination:

Shell’s Maran Gas Sparta diverted again and is now headed towards the Indian Ocean with no clear destination. The vessel loaded at Bioko on 25-August and was initially headed towards S.America and then Gibraltar:

Main Highlights

Gas Natural’s Rioja Knutsen is the first vessel after the Harvey storm loading at Sabine Pass. There are currently 10 vessels ballasting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cheniere’s Maria Energy loaded a tender cargo at Bonny on 1-August and is expected to deliver to China, ETA 15-September.

Cheniere’s Methane Spirit loaded at Bontang on 2-September and is delivering it to Japan, ETA 10-September.

BP’s Energy Advance loaded at Bontang on 3-September and is currently signalling for Rayong MTP, 11-September.

Kpler analysts expect Qatargas’ Mesaimeer to discharge her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo at Swinoujscie on 18-September.

Rasgas’ Al Oraiq loaded at Ras Laffan on 5-September and has been confirmed by the Zeebrugge Port Authority to arrive on 23-September. Data shows it will be a full discharge, and Kpler analysts expect Ras Laffan to be her next destination.

Statoil’s Arctic Princess is now loading a cargo at Snohvit and will deliver it at Gate, ETA 13-September.

Due to the maintenance at Montoir from 9 to 19 September with 100% reduced regasification capacity, only two more cargoes are expected to be delivered in September. According to the Port Authorities, LNG Ogun will discharge her Bonny-sourced cargo on 17-September.

Trafigura is now delivering several cargoes into different parts of the globe. Hoegh Giant and Energy Atlantic are making their laden voyage towards Argentina with their tender cargoes. Corcovado LNG loaded at Ras Laffan on 6-September and is expected to discharge in the Red Sea region, ETA 15-September. Golar Ice lifted a cargo at Bethioua on 1-September and is delivering it to the Middle East, ETA 17-September.

Shell’s Maran Gas Hector loaded at Bonny on 26-August and is now headed towards Altamira to deliver her tender cargo, ETA 18-September.

BP’s British Merchant loaded at Atlantic LNG on 17-August and is now signalling for Limassol, where she is expected to perform the STS operation with Excellence.

In August, Middle East imports hit record high of 2.02 MT in August 2017:

Middle East Monthly Imports by Origin


Kpler LNG (High Imports to Portugal and Spain continue)

Originally Released on 31 August 2017

Main Highlights

At Sabine Pass, the liftings are disrupted due to the tropical storm Harvey with no clear date of picking up. Meanwhile, Train 3 is still undergoing the outage. The send-in level dropped on 30-August to 1.394 Bcf/d.

We observe decreased Sabine Pass exports of 0.98 Mt in August. GAIL’s Meridian Spirit was the last vessel loaded at the plant in August, though three more vessels were scheduled to load until the end of the month.  Shell’s Maran Gas Achilles was initially indicating the arrival date of 26-August, Cheniere’s Yari LNG of 28-August, and Sm Seahawk of 29-August.

Monthly Sabine Pass Exports by Trade Status

In September the Ohgishima terminal is receiving their first PNG-sourced cargoes aboard Pacific Arcadia ETA 3-September, and Velikiy Novgorod ETA 5-September.

Cheniere’s Golar Snow delivered her tender cargo from Bonny to Aliaga on 28-August. Another tender cargo aboard Cheniere’s Maria Energy will be discharged in the Far East. Cheniere’s Golar Glacier loaded a third tender cargo at Bonny on 27-August and is now headed towards the Cape of Good Hope with no clear destination.

In August, Sines imports hit the record high of 0.46 Mt, with 0.22 Mt from Nigeria, 0.15 Mt from the United States, and 0.09 Mt from Qatar:

Monthly Portugal Imports by Origin

Diversions of the Week

NLNG’s LNG Port-Harcourt Ii was initially signalling for Europe ETA 6-September, but she is now headed towards Pecem, ETA 3-September.

Shell’s Maran Gas Sparta loaded at Bioko on 25-August and was initially headed towards S.America. The vessel changed her direction on 29-August and is now making her voyage towards Gibraltar, ETA 6-September:

Interesting Moves 

Adam LNG lifted a cargo at Bethioua on 21-August and is now signalling for MAAGP, ETA 7-September.

Kpler analysts expect Shell’s Valencia Knutsen to deliver her Sabine Pass-sourced cargo to Klaipeda on 19-September. The cargo is supplied by Gas Natural.

Shell’s Castillo De Santisteban loaded at Sabine Pass on 21-August and will discharge her cargo at Rovigo, ETA 11-September. This is the first cargo delivered from Sabine Pass to Rovigo.

Golar Seal lifted a cargo at Sabine Pass on 17-August and is currently making her laden voyage towards Sines, ETA 31-August.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Brussels loaded at Soyo on 17-August and is currently headed towards Nihonku, ETA 15-September. Another Soyo-sourced cargo aboard Cubal will be delivered to MAAGP on 20-September.

Floating Storage Update

This week we observed five floating cargoes on water:Engie’s Gaselys loaded a cargo at Idku on 15-August and is currently floating offshore of Athens, Greece with no clear destination.

BP’s British Merchant loaded at Atlantic LNG on 17-August and is floating in the N.Atlantic since 26-August. The vessel is signalling for Gibraltar, ETA 5-September.


Kpler LNG (First delivery from Algeria to Kochi)

Originally Released on 24 August 2017

Main Highlights

Sonatrach’s Lalla Fatma N’Soumer loaded at Bethioua on 14-August and is now making her laden voyage towards Kochi, ETA 2-September. This is the first delivery from Algeria to Kochi.

Overall, we observe increased Algerian exports to the Middle East:


Gas Natural’s Castillo De Villalba loaded at Atlantic LNG on 18-August and will deliver a tender cargo to Toscana on 29-August.

Shell’s Methane Mickie Harper loaded at Bonny on 16-August and is expected by Kpler analysts to deliver to Altamira, ETA 7-September. CFE scheduled a tender delivery at Altamira on 7-9 September

Shell’s Wilforce lifted a cargo at Bioko on 23-August and is currently delivering it to Jebel Ali, ETA 12-September.

Gorgon is now expecting three vessels to load in the next few days: Shell’s Marib Spirit ETA 27-August, Osaka Gas’ LNG Barka ETA 28-August, and ExxonMobil’s Christophe De Margerie, ETA 1-September. For Christophe De Margerie it will be the second laden voyage.

Shell’s Castillo De Santisteban is expected to discharge her Sabine Pass cargo at Rovigo, Italy on 11-September.

Shell’s Gaslog Geneva loaded at Sabine Pass on 9-August and is now making her laden voyage towards Aqaba, Jordan, ETA 26-August.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Brussels loaded at Soyo on 17-August and is currently headed towards Nihonku, ETA 15-September.

Total’s newbuild Sk Audace is delivering her maiden cargo from Ras Laffan to Sines, ETA 20-September.

Engie’s Gaselys loaded a cargo at Idku on 15-August and is currently floating offshore of Athens, Greece with no clear destination.

In August, Barcelona receives four Q-size vessels aboard RasGas’ Umm Al Amad, Qatargas’ Al Kharaitiyat, Qatargas’ Zarga and Al Utouriya. Kpler forecasts the import to hit the record high of 0.53 Mt:

Monthly Barcelona Imports by Origin