Kpler LPG (Ethane Emerald’s switch back to ethane)

Originally Released on 24 August 2017



This week, we are witnessing another 3 VLGC’s heading to FE via Cape of Good Hope:

  • Statoil’s Sunstar, ex-Freeport, to arrive at SGP Area by 24-Sept.
  • Sunoco’s Musanah, ex-Nederland, to arrive at SGP Area by 2-Oct.
  • Mabanaft’s Constitution, ex-Enterprise to arrive at SGP Area by 2-Oct.

For the third time since July, Morston completed her load via STS at Balboa Anchorage, this time with Clipper Victory, ex-Enterprise. She then proceeded to discharge her cargo at Chorrillo, and Clipper Victory is currently heading back to Freeport for reload, ETA 25-Aug.

Ethane Emerald is signalling for Suez, ETA 24-Aug. After her last ethane cargo delivery to Dahej in June, RIL’s VLEC stayed in India and delivered two propane cargoes to Aegis Mumbai, ex-Jamnagar Sikka. She is expected to load at Morgans Point later in the second half of September.

above: Ethane Emerald’s switch back to ethane

Middle East

After waiting at SGP Area for almost 3 weeks, Pacific Binzhou finally updated her AIS signal and is currently heading to Incheon. Naftomar’s VLGC is expected there by 25-Aug.

SHV’s Gas Taurus just arrived at Sohar Anchorage, ex-Yanbu. She is expected to join another SHV’s VLGC,  Hisui who has been there as floating storage since early August.


After more than one year of delivering to LAM, ex-US, Geogas’ Clipper Saturn changed her destination this time and is signalling to Tarragona, ex-Targa, ETA 6-Sept.

With 3 VLGC’s and 1 LGC currently signalling for Europe, ex-US, August exports to Europe seems to be on the rise again compared to July:

  • Sunoco’s Ronald N, heading to Terneuzen, ex-Nederland, ETA 25-Aug.
  • Shell’s Pacific Weihai, heading to Dortyol Port, ex-Nederland, ETA 5-Sept.
  • Geogas’ Clipper Saturn, heading to Tarragona, ex-Nederland, ETA 5-Sept.
  • Shell’s Sea Bird, heading to Dortyol Port, ex-Nederland, ETA 11-Sept.
above: US exports to Europe by destination countries

Geogas’ Clipper Moon is heading to discharge via STS at Ocoa Bay Anchorage, ex-Freeport, ETA 26-Aug.



After her discharge at Botany, Geogas’ Pointis signalling for Kwinana, ETA 30-Aug. First VLGC ever to load there.

Vilma’s Monsoon is heading to discharge at Kalbut, ex-Targa, ETA 19-Sept.


India Imports on Recovery


After 3 consecutive months of decrease since March, India finally witnessed recovery in July with 961 Kt of imports. SA holds the biggest share followed by Qatar and UAE. The increasing trend is expected to continue in August following government’s determination to meet rising domestic demand on cooking fuel and reducing the use of polluting fuel such as wood.

After signing the first ever contract to import one VLGC of LPG each month from Iran for an initial period of 6 months, IOC’s Gas Beryl completed her load at Asauyeh last week and is currently signalling for Ennore, ETA 31-Aug.


below: India imports by origin countries
Below is YTD and Monthly comparison of 2016 & 2017 Kpler Indian import figures vs. official PPAC figures until July. There is less a 4% difference for YTD flows ending in Jul-2017.

Kpler LPG (Newbuilds Focus)

Originally Released on 17 August 2017



Nisyros is signalling for Marcus Hook, ETA 20-Aug. This will be the first lpg cargo for this vessel to pick out of the US.

After partial load via STS at Nipah Anchorage with Ming LongAstomos Earth now signalling for Fortaleza, ETA 5-Sept. She will be the first VLGC to discharge there

After completing her discharge at Maputo and Beira, ex-Sanha, Bw Gemini is currently signalling for Houston, ETA 30-Aug


Sunoco’s Ronald N is currently heading to Terneuzen, ex-Marcus Hook, ETA 24-Aug.

After full discharge via STS with the Floating Storage Berger Summit at St. Thomas Anchorage, ex-Freeport, Clipper Star is now heading to Arzew Port for reload, ETA 22-Aug.


Sonangol’s Bw Empress is currently at Luanda Anchorage acting as Floating Storage, ex-Soyo.

Trafigura’s Bw Leo is signalling for Soyo, ETA 23-Aug.



Shell’s Sinndar signalling for Male, ETA 10-Sept. She is expected to discharge her cargo via STS there.

Trafigura’s George N finally arrived at her destination at Brisbane Anchorage, ex-Targa, and is currently discharging her cargo via STS with smaller vessels. She has replaced Trafigura’s Bw Njord and is expected to stay there as Floating Storage for the next few weeks.

Naftomar’s Pacific Binzhou is stopped at Nipah Anchorage since the end of July and is expected to join Shell’s Captain Markos NI and Siamgas’ Ming Long as Floating Storage at this anchorage.

Newbuilds Focus

We are seeing some newbuilds being added to the fleet since June, including 6 VLGC’s:

  • Parthia (78,500 cm), fixed by Petredec to load at San Gregorio, ETA 30-Aug. She is the first VLGC ever to load at this terminal.
  • Legend Prestige (83,000 cm), relet to Astomos until Apr-2018, she has picked Al Ruwais as her next destination for her third laod, ETA 18-Aug. She has had delivered two cargoes to the FE, ex-US and Australia so far.
  • Clipper Freeport (80,000 cm), relet to P66 until Jun-2027, she is currently on her way to discharge in the FE via Cape of Good Hope.
  • Pacific Hong Kong (84,000 cm), relet to Shell until May-2024, she is currently waiting in front of Zhuhai Port to discharge her cargo, ex-Umm Said.
  • Pacific Shanghai (84,000 cm), fixed by Petredec and is currently loading her cargo at Ras Laffan.
  • Anderida (80,000 cm), fixed by Shell to deliver her first cargo to the FE, ex-Nederland, ETA early-Sept.
  • Kruibeke (38,000 cm), TC’d up to 3 months by Petredec, she completed her first load via STS with Hisui at Sohar Anchorage.
  • Navigator Jorf (38,000 cm),long TC’d by OCP, she is currently signalling for Suez, ETA 20-Aug. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.
  • Seaspeed (38,000 cm), TC’d by Glencore for 3 months, she completed her first voyage by delivering her 21 Kt butanne cargo to Mombasa and Port Qasim, ex-Kharg Island. She is now returning to Persian Gulf for reload.
  • Trammo Cornell (38,000 cm), long TC’d under Transammonia, she is on her way to discharge at Nanjing Refinery, ex-Ain Sukhna, ETA 26-Aug.
  • Gas Venus (38,000 cm), TC’d for 10 years by Transammonia, she is currently on her way to load at Point Lisas, ETA 19-Aug.
  • Pgc Periklis (7,500 cm), PGC’s newbuild has been active at SGP Area, completing several voyages by loading via STS with Shell’s Captain Markos NI.


Kpler LPG – VLGC’s head Far East via Cape of Good Hope

Originally Released on 10 August 2017



This week, we are witnessing another 3 VLGC’s heading to FE via Cape of Good Hope as the $4/t market contango continues:

  • P66’s Clipper Freeport, ex-Freeport, to arrive at SGP Area by the end of Aug.
  • Shell’s Secreto, ex-Nederland, to arrive at SGP Area by 8-Sept.
  • Astomos’ Gas Capricorn, ex-Nederland, to arrive at SGP Area by 14-Sept.

4 VLGC’s are heading to load their cargoes at US Gulf Coast via Cape of Good Hope:

  • Astomos’ Ns Frontier to load at Nederland, ETA 29-Aug.
  • Shell’s Hellas Poseidon to load at Houston, ETA 4-Sept.
  • Shell’s Hellas Sparta to load at Houston, ETA 8-Sept.
  • Mabanaft’s Levant to load at Enterprise, ETA 10-Sept.

Petredec’s newbuild Parthia is signalling for San Gregorio, ETA 30-Aug. She is the first VLGC ever to load at this terminal.

E1’s Leo Green completed her load at Marcus Hook. She is currently signalling for Cristobal Anchorage, ETA 13-Aug and is expected to discharge her cargo in the FE later this month. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.
Middle East
Newbuild Kruibeke is currently on her way to load at Sohar under Petredec, ETA 10-Aug.

Gaschem Bremen is on her way to discharge at Dortyol Port, ex-Hammerfest, ETA 14-Aug.

Leaving Brisbane Anchorage after acting as a floating storage there for almost 2.5 months, Bw Mindoro completed her discharge at Aygaz Izmit, ex-Bonny Island Port. She is now signalling for Aliaga, ETA 10-Aug.

Dow’s Bw Orion is currently docked at Tarragona to discharge her 45 Kt propane cargo, ex-Marcus Hook.

Statoil’s Sansovino is waiting loaded in front of Yarimca-Izmit Port to discharge her cargo, ex-Kaarstoe.


After partial discharge at Maputo, ex-Sanha, Geogas’ Bw Gemini discharged the rest of her cargo via STS with Geogas’ Champlain at Beira. Champlain is staying at Beira, discharging her cargo via STS with smaller vessels.

Geogas’ Seasurfer heading to discharge her cargo at San Juan Port, ex-Bethioua, ETA 12-Aug.

Petredec’s Saltram discharged most of her 46 Kt cargo (23:23) via STS with Petredec’s Motivatior at Beira. She is currently headed to complete her discharge by delivering the rest of her cargo to Petredec Mauritius, ETA 11-Aug.

3 VLGC’s are currently heading to load at WAF:


After more than 2 months of acting as Floating Storage at Brisbane Anchorage, Trafigura’s Bw Njord finally discharged her cargo fully and is now heading to SGP Area, ETA 20-Aug. Trafigura’s George N who is on her way to Brisbane Anchorage is expected to replace Bw Njord by 14-Aug.

After partial discharge at Vung Tao, Vitol’s Pampero is currently docked at Sriracha, discharging the rest of her cargo there, ex-Bonny. The last cargo transfer from WAF to Thailand dates back to 2015. Another VLGC of Vitol, Mistral also delivered part of her cargo to Vung Tao, early Aug, ex-Bioko, before heading to Raoping to complete her discharge.

Astomos’ Crystal Marine is currently docked at Bayu Undan, loading her 44 Kt cargo (22:22).

ExxonMobil’s Chinook is signalling for Westernport, ETA 23-Aug.

Currently docked at Shantou delivering her 44 Kt cargo, ex-Al Ruwais, Shell’s Gas young is signalling for NWS for her third voyage, ETA 17-Aug.

Newbuild Trammo Cornell on her way to load at Nanjing Refinery for her first voyage. She is long TC’d under Transammonia.

US Exports Focus

34 VLGC’s have completed loading at US Gulf Coast and are currently on their way to deliver their cargoes to their destinations:

Out of 27 vessels that are headed to FE:

  • 18 vessels have passed or are expected to pass the Panama Canal to reach their destination.
  • 9 vessels are expected to pass go to the FE via COGH.

4 vessels are headed to S. Americas.
2 vessels are on their way to Australia.
1 vessel is expected to head to NWE after completing her load at Marcus Hook (Sunoco’s Cratis).

US Gulf Coast loadings to deliver to their destinations

Kpler LPG (Panama Canal crossings)

Orinally Released on 3 August 2017



We are currently witnessing 7 VLGC’s that are heading to FE, ex-USGC through the Cape of Good Hope instead of the Panama Canal. The number of such vessels is expected to keep increasing as a result of market contango, allowing for higher gains due to higher prices in September.

above: vessels heading to FE through SGP Area instead of Panama Canal

This week, another STS occurred at Balboa Anchorage. Ronald N who was supposed to discharge her cargo at Ecuador, ex-Nederland under Petredec, performed a STS with Morston instead at Balboa Anchorage. Morston is currently docked at Chorrillo, discharging her 40 Kt propane cargo.

After loading partially at Marcus Hook, Navigator Aurora completed the rest of her load at Chesapeake. She is currently signalling for Dortyol Port to discharge her 20 Kt cargo (10:10).
Newbuild Anderida has started her first voyage by completing her load at Nederland under Shell. She is expected to discharge her cargo in the FE later in Sept.
Middle East

Newbuild VLGC Pacific Hong Kong is currently loading at Umm Said as her first voyage. She’s relet to Shell until May-2024.

The 2nd VLGC in 2017 has loaded her cargo at Hamriyah. The nominated vessel is Hisui who has been fixed by Naftomar and is currently discharging at Aegis Mumbai.


Exiting Suape after spending more than 3 years there as Storage Tank, Bw Liberty is now signalling for Boony Island Port, ETA 12-Aug.

Statoil’s Sansovino is currently passing Gibraltar on her way to discharge at Turkey, ex-Kaarstoe, ETA 10-Aug.


Geogas’s Bw Gemini is currently docked at Maputo, partially discharging her cargo. She is the first VLGC to discharge at this terminal.


1 VLGC and 1 LGC are currently signalling for Australia, ex-USGC:

  • Trafigura’s George N to arrive at Brisbane, ex-Targa, ETA 14-Aug. She is expected to replace Bw Njord who’s been acting as Floating Storage at Brisbane Anchorage since 2 months ago.
  • Geogas’ Pointis to discharge at Botany, ex-Freeport, ETA 16-Aug.
Astomos’ Energy Orpheus is docked at Westernport loading her 42 Kt cargo (21:21).
US Exports to FE: Panama Canal VLGC Transits

As mentioned earlier, we are witnessing a decline in the number of VLGC’s delivering their cargoes to the FE via Panama Canal. Kpler data has recorded only 12 VLGC’s passing through the Panama Canal to reach their destination in the FE which is the lowest since Nov-2016. With prices expected to be higher in September, the rise in the number of VLGC’s to deliver via COGH is expected to become higher, affecting even more the number of transits via Panama Canal.

below: number of VLGC cargo deliveries to the FE, ex-USGC via Panama Canal

Kpler LPG (G. Paragon’s diversion from ME to Houston)

Originally Released on 28 July 2017



After serving as a storage tank at Suape for almost 3 years, Petrobras’ Bw Liberty has left the port today and is now available for charter. BW Lord is currently docked at Suape and is expected to take BW Liberty‘s place at Suape as storage tank.

After doing more than 1,5 years of deliveries to Asia from the Middle East, Petrogas’ Iris Glory is now crossing the Atlantic to load from Ferndale, ETA 2-Aug.

Shell’s Yuhsan is heading to the SGP Area via Cape of Good Hope with Nederland-sourced propane cargo., ETA 21-Aug. She is expected to discharge her cargo in the FE by the end of Aug.

Originally signalling for Ras Tanura, G. Paragon changed her destination and is currently heading to load at Houston, ETA 26-Aug. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.

Bw Prince has loaded full LPG cargo in Enterprise and is now heading towards China’s Tianjin.

above: Bw Prince’s route to discharge at Tianjin, ex-Enterprise
Middle East
After discharging U.S.-sourced Propane cargo in 3 portions (at Male Anchorage, Nipah Anchorage and Batangas Port), Cougar is now signalling for Mina al-Ahmadi for reload, ETA 7-Aug.

After passing the Cape of Good Hope on the way to load at Escravos under Chevron, Caravelle has stopped for a day at Cape Town Anchorage and is now signalling for Kaarstoe instead under Statoil to be discharged at Chiba Area, according to the market.

Originally signalling for Mohammedia, Trafigura’s Waregem changed her destination and currently discharging her cargo at Le Havre.

After a 47 days ballast voyage from Ulsan Port and crossing both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Statoil’s Sansovino is currently docked at Kaarstoe, loading her 46 Kt cargo.

After partial discharge at Mohammedia, Shell’s Shahrastani is now heading towards Dortyol Port to discharge the rest of her cargo, ETA 1-Aug.


Ethane Emerald has switched from carrying Ethane to LPG and for the past 6 weeks has been transporting Propane in between different installations in India. She is currently floating in front of Mumbai Port and is expected to offload its 21 Kt of propane cargo in 3 partial discharges there.


US Exports to Europe: Lowest in July since Feb 2016
With only 2 VLGC’s signalling for Europe so far (Bw Orion heading to Terneuzen, ex-Marcus Hook, ETA 4-Aug & Shell’s Shahrastani heading to Dortyol Port, ex-Nederland, ETA 1-Aug), July seems to be one of the least active months for US exports to Europe. The record low exports of 127 Kt since Feb-2016 is almost half the amount of US-Sourced exports to Europe compare to last month.
below: US Exports to Europe by destination countries


Kpler LPG (First voyage of Crystal River)

Originally Released on 20 July 2017


P66’s Clipper Freeport completed her first voyage by discharging fully via STS with Morston at Balboa Anchorage, ex-Freeport. She is now heading back to reload at Freeport, ETA 22-Jul. Morston proceeded to complete her load via another STS with Clipper Star and is currently docked at Chorrillo, discharging her 45 Kt propane cargo.
Crystal River has started her first voyage by signalling for SGP Area, ETA 1-Aug. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed. K-Line’s VLGC is the 24th VLGC to join Astomos’ time charter fleet.
After two partial discharges at Male and Nipah Anchorage with Shell’s Lubara and Captain Markos NI respectively, Shell’s Cougar is currently heading to complete her discharge at Calaca, ETA 23-Jul.
Shell’s Shergar is heading to Male Anchorage after two partial discharges at Nipah Anchorage with Epic St. Martin and Captain Markos NI.
Legend Prestige completed her loading at NWS and is currently heading to Pyeong Taek for discharge, ETA 29-Jul.
Energy Orpheus is signalling for NWS after completing her discharge in Japan. She is expected there by 2-Aug.
Sunoco’s Corvette is signalling for Terneuzen, ex-Marcus Hook, ETA 30-Jul.


The second cargo in 2017 out of Kwinana has been picked by Navigator Centauri. She is expected to discharge via STS at Beira, ETA 27-Jul.

Vitol’s Clipper Odin is expected to dock at Saldanha today, ex-Bioko.

Epic Bali is currently discharging at Dakar after reloading via STS with Geogas’ Surville at Dakar Anchorage.

Providence is signalling for Bioko, ETA 11-Aug. It is also worth mentioning Bw Trader who is expected to load at Escravos under Petredec, ETA 3-Aug.


Kpler LPG (Targa Exports – lowest in 2 Years)

Originally Released on 13 July 2017



After waiting for almost three weeks, Marcellus Lady finally completed her loading at Come by Chance. She is 6 months TC’ed by Silverpeak and is the first vessel ever to pick up an LPG cargo out of this terminal.

Suape is expecting to receive 3 VLGC cargoes in the upcoming days, ex-USGC:

  • Glencore’s Sunny Joy, ETA 16-Jul, ex-Enterprise.
  • Petrobras’ Bw Messina, ETA 17-Jul, ex-Enterprise.
  • Petrobras’ Bw Frigg, ETA 19-Jul, ex-Targa.
After almost one month of waiting at Ocoa Bay Anchorage, Js Ineos Intrepid is signalling for  Marcus Hook, ETA 20-Jul.


Middle East 

Originally signalling for WAF, Pacific Binzhou changed her destination and is now heading to load at Ras Tanura under Naftomar, ETA 20-Jul. She is expected, according to the market, to act as Floating Storage in the Baltic Sea later in July/mid-Aug.

above: Pacific Bonzhou’s diversion to Persian Gulf


Trafigura’s Waregem is heading to Mohammedia, ex-Pajaritos. She is expected to discharge her 21 Kt butane cargo there by the end of July.

Shell’s Comet is currently docked at Aygaz Izmit discharging her 46 Kt cargo (23:23), ex-Nederland. Statoil’s Cheyenne which was also expected to deliver Kaarstoe’s cargo to Dortyol Port, is currently docked at Petgaz berth.

Statoil’s Clipper Jupiter is signalling for Stenungsund after completing her load at Hammerfest, ETA 14-Jul

Mitsui’s Gas Ray is on her way to Morocco, ex-Aruba, ETA 20-Jul. The last cargo transfer between the two terminals dates back to Jul-2016.

After passing Panama Canal, Sansovino is now signalling for Norway. She is expected to load at Kaarstoe under Statoil, ETA H2-Jul.

above: Sansovino’s route to load at Norway, Kaarstoe


Petredec’s Saltram is currently heading to Beira, ex-Enterprise. She is expected to discharge her cargo via STS there by early Aug.

Navigator Ceto is signalling for Lomé, ex-Chesapeake. She is expected to discharge her cargo via STS there by the end of Jul.

2 VLGC’s are expected to pick up their cargoes out of WAF in the upcoming days:

  • Total’s Bw Brage, to load at Soyo, ETA 1-Aug.
  • Chevron’s Caravelle, to load at Escravos, ETA 3-Aug.
  • Bw Trader, signalling for Escravos, ETA 3-Aug.
Australia is expecting its first cargo delivery from Algeria. The nominated vessel is Geogas’ Champlain heading to Botany, ETA 15-Jul, ex-Bethioua.


SHV’s Earth Summit loaded her first cargo via STS with Astomos’ Legend Prosperity at Sohar Anchorage. She is now heading to discharge her cargo at Pipavav, ETA 14-Jul.

New build Legend Prestige has picked NWS as her next destination to load in her second voyage under Astomos, ETA 13-Jul.

Shell’s Cougar has reached her destination at Male Anchorage, ex-Nederland. She is expected to discharge her 46 Kt propane cargo via STS in the upcoming days.

Berge Nantong is heading to discharge at Kalbut, ex-Oso, ETA 19-Jul.

Targa Exports: Lowest in June
With a record of 248 Kt, Targa experienced the lowest level of exports in June in the last two years. Kpler data has recorded continuous decline in Targa exports since Mar-2017 when it reached 592 Kt of exports from 436 Kt in Feb. So far in Jul, we have witnessed 4 VLGC’s, 1 MGC and 1 SGC completing their loading at this installation and so July is expected to be on the rise again compared to June.
below: Targa exports by destination countries