• Although Vitol’s Navigator Saturn, who loaded in Stenungsund, is currently signalling a discharge in Newington on Jan. 31st, she appears to have diverted with her trajectory directed towards the Caribbean.
  • Tropigas has accepted their first MGC, Gaschem Hamburg, at their terminal in the port of La Union on Jan. 27th.
  • Perseverance V initially docked at Targa on Dec. 31st, and then sat ballast at Houston anchorage for the past few weeks. She re-docked at Targa on Jan. 27th, where she is still positioned.
  • VLGC Secreto has left the shipyard and is headed towards Singapore with an ETA of Jan. 31.
  • Petredec’s VLGC newbuild, Shergar, has passed through the Singapore strait and is heading towards the Cape of Good Hope.