Statoil originally was reported to have fixed BW Cedar for a voyage from Kaarstoe to Far East. However, she is currently sitting open in Gibraltar. On the other hand, Statoil’s British Courage has just left Kaarstoe heading for Port Said, while Al Wukir is docked at the berth.

There are currently 4 vessels that have loaded outside of NWE/Algeria, that are bringing their cargoes to Europe: Geogas’s Telendos, Sunoco’s Anafi, Total’s Gaschem Bremen, and Geogas’s Prins Alexander

Caravelle, a VLGC new-build fixed by IOC, has left Korea and is heading towards SGP with an ETA of Mar. 8th.
Berlian Ekuator, who had previously been moving ammonia, has switched to LPG after entering into a time charter under Petredec. She loaded in Sitra, Bahrain on Feb. 22nd, and is expected by the port of Port Louis, Mauritius on Mar. 4th.
In Feb. 2016, China imported approximately 14% more LPG than in Jan. Data from our Excel API shows that the installations that had the biggest month-to-month import increases were: Tianjin, Gaolan, Zhenhai, and Fangcheng.