None of the Houston cargoes loaded in Feb. ended up in Europe; however, there are several vessels that loaded in Houston this month that are now headed west towards Europe:

Geogas’s Corsair, Statoil’s BW Aries, and Petredec’s Hellas Poseidon and Motivator (see table below)
Petredec’s Hellas Poseidon, was originally signalling  Far East (as shown on her AIS: SGP) before diverting her course towards Terneuzen.  BW Aries is also headed to Terneuzen.
After sitting loaded at the Houston Anch. for 5 days, Shell’s BW Gemini, who loaded in Nederland on 4-Mar., is now headed East towards Port Louis.
VLGC new build, Gas Aries, left the shipyard in China and is headed for Singapore ETA 21-Mar.
  • Serjeant was originally heading towards Houston ETA 14-Apr., but has been fixed by Vitol for a load in Al Ruwais ETA 21-Mar.
  • BW Sakura was on course to load in Das Island ETA 11-Mar, but after reaching the W. coast of India, she updated her AIS and is now headed for Houston ETA 26-Mar.