None of the Houston cargoes loaded in Feb. ended up in Europe; however, there are several vessels that loaded in Houston this month that are now headed west towards Europe.

Geogas’s Corsair, Statoil’s BW Aries, and Petredec’s Hellas Poseidon and Motivator

Petredec’s Hellas Poseidon, was originally signalling  Far East (as shown on her AIS: SGP) before diverting her course towards Terneuzen.  BW Aries is also headed to Terneuzen.
After sitting loaded at the Houston Anch. for 5 days, Shell’s BW Gemini, who loaded in Nederland on 4-Mar., is now headed East towards Port Louis.
VLGC new build, Gas Aries, left the shipyard in China and is headed for Singapore ETA 21-Mar.
  • Serjeant was originally heading towards Houston ETA 14-Apr., but has been fixed by Vitol for a load in Al Ruwais ETA 21-Mar.
  • BW Sakura was on course to load in Das Island ETA 11-Mar, but after reaching the W. coast of India, she updated her AIS and is now headed for Houston ETA 26-Mar.