India is expecting a VLGC-sized cargo from Algeria for the first time in over 2 years:

  • Sonatrach’s Djanet finished loading in Bethioua on 19-Mar, and is expected by the market to discharge in Mumbai. Our shipping calculator shows that she will reach the port on 3-Apr.

The first VLGC to load at Marcus Hook, Geogas’s BW Denise, left the port on 21-Mar and is expected by the market to head to Australia ETA 17-Apr. The next 2 VLGCs to load at the terminal are:

  • BW Birch for Dow ETA 2-Apr. She is currently discharging her Enterprise cargo in Aruba.
  • BW Energy for Geogas ETA 26-Apr. She has just completed her voyage from Bonny to China and is heading for Singapore.

Our algorithm detected 2 STS transfers at Balboa Anch. in Panama this month:

  • On 17-Mar, Ronald N transferred an Enterprise-sourced C3 cargo to Astomos’s Energy Orpheus, who is heading for Japan ETA 12-Apr.
  • On 18-Mar, Karoline N transferred her Targa-sourced C3 cargo to Petredec’s Cheyenne, whose AIS is signalling Singapore 17-Apr.

VLGC new build, Aurora Balder, has left the shipyard in Korea and is headed West toward Singapore ETA 25-Mar.

India is set to receive a cargo from Algeria- the first VLGC-sized cargo in over 2 years, as mentioned above. Where else has India been importing their LPG from? Our Excel API shows the following information on India’s foreign imports year-to-date, on-board handy-size vessels and larger