Vitol ‘s VLGC Reggane loaded a C3 cargo in Bethioua on 25-Mar and has since passed through the Suez Canal on her way Far East. Her AIS is signalling Chiba ETA 26-Apr. Vitol has also fixed Sun Aries to load propane in Bethioua ETA 22-Apr with discharge Far East.

Another Algerian cargo was loaded onto VLGC Djanet 19-Mar. She is currently transferring a partial cargo STS to SHV’s Nisyros outside of Mumbai Port. SHV’s MGCs Warinsart and IGLC Anka are also sitting nearby.

SHV’s other MGC, Eupen is currently loading via STS in Dubai Port with VLGC Sunny Green. SHV’s LGC BW Havis is waiting ballast outside the port as well.

After spending 3 months transporting ammonia, Petredec’s Nashwan loaded propane in Targa on 31-Mar and discharged in Tuxpan Gas Tomza on 4-Apr. She is currently on her way towards Jose, Venezuela ETA 12-Apr.

Data from our Excel API shows that Chinese weekly imports reached their highest for the year during Week 13. The country accepted approx. 462kt of LPG.

During the 1st quarter of 2016, total Asian imports reached approx. 10 million tons. Our data shows the following breakdown of imports by origin.

 During this same time period, Middle Eastern exports reached approx 9.2 million tons. The following is the breakdown of exports by destination.