LPG 20

Shell’s Aurora Taurus, who has already discharged a partial cargo in Ningbo, was originally set to discharge the remainder of her cargo in Jiaxing. The cargo was eventually cancelled, and the vessel sat outside the port for 5 days. She is now headed north and is expected by the port of PyeongTaek at SK Gas’s erminal ETA 15-Apr.

Geogas’s Kent loaded 19kt of propane in Targa and is expected by the port of Le Havre ETA 21-Apr. This is the terminal’s first U.S. cargo this year.

Glencore’s Navigator Neptune loaded in Taman and is expected by the port of Mombasa ETA 19-Apr. She is the 2nd vessel above 20k cbm to load at the terminal this year.

Several new builds are headed to load their maiden cargoes:

  • Houston:
    • Caravelle: Currently loading at Enterprise 46kt of Propane
    • Shahrastani: Nederland ETA 16-Apr
    • Aurora Balder: Enterprise ETA 27-Apr
    • Silvio: Nederland ETA 1-May (this is her first full cargo; she has already loaded a 15kt cargo via STS, which she discharged in Haldia).
    • Hellas Sparta: Nederland ETA 5-May



Fantala, a category 3 tropical storm that is forecasted to escalate into category 4, is in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar and is headed toward E. Africa.

The Indian terminal in Haldia usually imports mixed cargoes, but has recently begun importing butane-only cargoes.

Data from our Excel API shows that the U.S. has experienced a consistent month-to-month increase in exports over Q1, as seen in the chart below (the Apr. 2016 figure also includes expected cargoes known from vessel AIS or from the market).

As MTM U.S. exports have increased, so have their exports into Mexico. The following graph shows waterborne Mexican imports from the U.S. The data includes U.S. cargoes transferred via STS at Aruba and Panama that have ended up in Mexico.