Chevron had originally fixed the BW Broker for a load in Enterprise. She has now updated her AIS and is signaling for Escravos ETA 3-May. BW Boss has also updated her AIS for Houston ETA 16-May, which is the same date BW Broker was initially set to arrive in Enterprise.

Vilma Oil has fixed VLGC Pampero to load a 33:11 C3:C4 split cargo in Bethioua ETA 20-May. She is expected to take the cargo Far East.

Total is also taking their VLGC Hellas Gladiator from Bethioua ETA 29-Apr to Far East.

Serjeant, who just completed a voyage from Al Ruwais to Far East for Vitol, was also signaling a load in  Bethioua ETA 3-Jun. She has been fixed by Shell and has since updated her AIS to Ras Tanura ETA 5-May.

There are 3 VLGCs that have been identified to load at Marcus Hook within the next 5 weeks. All are expected to load propane except for Gunvor’s BW Sakura, who is loading a mixed cargo

There is a 4th VLGC scheduled to load at Marcus Hook between 10-20 May, that is expected to come from Shell’s fleet. Our Vessel Matcher shows 7 ballast vessels amongst Shell’s fleet that can make it to the port by 20-May (see image below). Of the highlighted vessels, Lubara is the only one that does not already have an AIS for Houston or Persian Gulf.

Bonny experienced a huge increase in exports in March. There were 4 VLGC loadings that month, compared to the 2 each in Jan, Feb, and Apr of this year. The following shows the month-to-month exports out of Bonny over the last 3 years.