Linden Pride, the first non-container ship scheduled to pass through the expanded Panama Canal (completion set for end of June), is currently on her way to Ras Tanura 11-May. She is then expected by the market to arrive at Houston ETA 17-Jun, and load at Enterprise for Astomos.

Chevron’s Hellas Hercules is signaling that she will arrive in Houston ETA 15-May. Chevron originally had fixed the BW Broker to load a cargo at Enterprise mid-May, but she has instead loaded at Escravos 5-May.

 YPF had issued a buy tender for a propane cargo with delivery in May at Dock Sur in Buenos Aires. Navigator Gemini loaded a C3 cargo in Nederland 3-May and is heading toward Dock Sur ETA 21-May.

Petredec’s Jenny N loaded a partial C4 cargo in Corpus Christi 26-April, and another partial at Targa 27-Apr. She is now on the way to Cristobal Anch. ETA 06-May.

BW Helios also loaded 2 partials- both at Enterprise. She first loaded C3 on 15-Apr., then again on 01-May, and is now heading to Cristobal Anch. ETA 08-May.