BW Sakura, who loaded in Marcus Hook, was originally expected by the market to discharge in Terneuzen; she has instead updated her AIS for Flushing ETA 15-Jun.

BW Energy, who also loaded in Marcus Hook, arrived at the berth in Tarragona on 22-May. She is currently still there due to slow discharge rates, with completion estimated for around 20-Jun.

2 VLGCs are loading this week in Norway:

  • After having fixed BW Kyoto for a voyage from Enterprise to Stenungsund, Vitol has now taken her to Kaarstoe, where she began loading on 8-June; she is expected by the market to head Far East.
  • After finishing a voyage from Kuwait to China, Statoil’s Perseverance V arrived at the port of Hammerfest 9-Jun.
2 Indian companies carried out separate STS operations in the Maldives:
  • BPCL: Aurora Brage loaded her maiden cargo in Ras Tanura 22-May, and transferred a butane cargo to Spread Eagle on 30-May. Both vessels have now headed to Haldia, located on the E. coast of India.
  • IOC: BW Princess, who loaded in Ras Tanura 26-May, transferred a butane cargo to VLGC new build, BW Volans. While the former headed to Vizag afterword, the latter is now docked outside of Haldia.
Formosa Plastics issued a tender for 44kt of LPG for delivery at their terminal in Mailiao between 2-Jun and 10-Jun. Shell’s Clermont is sitting outside the port and is expected by the authorities to discharge a 50:50 Nederland-sourced cargo.
Petredec’s VLGC new build, Sunsovino, has left the shipyard in Korea, and is signaling towards Balboa Anch. ETA 1-Jul.


Persian Gulf Weekly Exports by Country (thousand metric tonnes)
  • The largest exporters this year to date are Qatar and the UAE.
  • The largest importers of Qatar’s LPG are India and then Japan.
Japanese Imports by Country (June figures incl. vessels w/ ETA for Japan)
  • The largest countries of origin have consistently been the US, Qatar, and the UAE.