BP’s British Courage loaded in Soyo and is signaling a discharge in Sines ETA 2-Jul.

YPF’s buy tender for 25-30kt with delivery into Argentina has been awarded to both Geogas and Shell:

  • Geogas has fixed Balearic Gas, who loaded 19-Jun at Targa. Her AIS is for Bahia Blanca ETA 7-Jul.
  • Shell has fixed Mathraki, who is waiting outside of Houston for loading. She had previously been open since the beginning of February.

Glencore has fixed Nordic Gas, who is now loading at BIK in Iran.

Total’s Hellas Gladiator is signaling a load in Mina-al-Ahmadi, but has redirected her course toward E. Africa.

Panama Canal Expansion
Loaded Vessels heading toward Panama from USGC
Lycaste Peace, departed from Enterprise 20-Jul and will head through the Panama Canal. Her AIS is signaling a discharge at Tokyo Gas’s terminal in Hitachi ETA 16-Jul.
  • At her current speed and position, our Shipping Calculator estimates that she would have reached the terminal on 2-Aug if she had gone around the Cape of Good Hope.
SK’s VLGC Passat finished loading in Enterprise on 16-Jun and is expected to discharge Far East. She has updated her AIS for the Panama Canal ETA 23-Jun.

Petrobras loaded VLGC Astomos Earth in Nederland 23-Jun. She is headed for the canal ETA 27-Jun.

Gyxis has fixed VLGC Breeze, who undocked from Enterprise 23-Jun and is signaling for Cristobal Anch. ETA 27-Jun.


Ballast Vessels heading toward Panama from Pacific (not incl. “old” Panamax)

United States
  • While the majority of U.S. exports have ended up in the Far East, there have been more and more cargoes imported into Latin America and Europe in recent weeks.
  • In Europe, Terneuzen is expecting 3 VLGCs that were loaded this month at Enterprise:       Galaxy River ETA 23-Jun, Bu Sidra ETA 5-Jul, and Sumire Gas ETA 6-Jul.