Navigator Gemini has been fixed to Vitol for a butane voyage from Terminal Cabo Negro to Lagos.-Shell’s Shahrastani loaded in Nederland mid-Jun, and is now sitting at Male Anch. in the Maldives. Another Shell vessel, Dorset, is ballasting toward the anchorage for a potential STS transfer.

Shell’s Mathraki is currently discharging a tender cargo at YPF’s terminal in San Lorenzo, Argentina.

Geogas MGC Kent is on her way to Chesapeake to load a partial butane cargo, ETA 24-Jul. She is then expected to load a partial propane cargo in Marcus Hook.

JS Ineos Insight is underway to load the first ethane cargo from the Morgan’s Point terminal in Houston. She is expected at the port ETA 30-July, with export operations expected to commence 1-Aug.

U.S. Weekly Exports
U.S. weekly exports increased by approx. 200kt from Wk 27 to Wk 28, but decreased by over 200kt this week.
Wk 19 saw the largest amount of exports over the last 12 weeks at 636kt.
Saudi Arabia

Increasing Exports

Saudi Arabia exported close to 800 kt of LPG in June- the highest month to date; this coincides with the Shaybah NGL project recently coming online .

Taking into account vessel AIS and market information, exports in July are expected to overtake the 800kt mark.