U.S. Cargoes headed for Europe:
  • BW Leo loaded in Enterprise on 15-Jul with her last AIS indicating a discharge in Tarragona. However, her trajectory indicates that she is headed for NWE, with the market expecting her to discharge in Terneuzen.
  • Statoil’s Perseverance V loaded in Marcus Hook and is expected to discharge in Teesport, ETA 5-Aug.
July W. African VLGC loadings:
  • East-bound vessels
    • Monsoon loaded in Bonny on 4-Jul and has almost reached Singapore.
    • Hellas Gladiator loaded in Bonny 9-Jul and is currently crossing the Indian Ocean.
    • BW Empress finished loading a propane cargo in Bioko on 23-Jul, with her AIS signaling for Cape Town, ETA 31-Jul.
  • Europe-bound vessels
    • BW Orion loaded partial cargoes in Sanha and Escravos, and is now heading for Aliaga, ETA 7-July.
    • Hellas Glory loaded in Sanha 14-Jul, and is expected by the port of Sines, ETA 30-Jul.
    • BW Sakura is expected to load in Bonny at the end of the month, and discharge in the Mediterranean.

Algerian Cargoes headed West:
Geogas’s Champlain loaded C3 in Bethioua on 22-Jul, and is headed for Ocoa Bay for potential STS operations, ETA 3-Aug.
Statoil’s BW Energy also loaded C3 in Bethioua on 25-Jul, and is signaling for Tampa, Florida, ETA 8-Aug.
Floating Storage in Asia
BW Carina loaded in Sanha on 2-Jun and sat around Singapore for almost a month until 27-Jul, when she began STS operations with Progress.
Berge Nantong loaded via STS operations at Nipah Anch. on 7-Jul, and 16-Jul.
Promise also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 11-Jul.
Gas Diana finished loading partial cargoes in Sitra and Al Ruwais on 17-Jul. Her AIS is signaling for Japan, but she has recently come to a halt after passing through the Singapore Strait.
Far East
  • Constellation loaded in Enterprise on 24-May and has been sitting outside of Ningbo since 9-Jul.
  • Astomos Earth loaded in Nederland 19-Jun, and has been parked for a week outside of Daesan. Her AIS was last updated 13-Jul.
  • Lubara loaded in Bethioua on 27-Jun and is floating just south of Taiwan.
Algerian Exports (July 2016 Figures)


Algeria has exported a total of 521 kt of LPG in July to date, on board handysize vessels and larger.

Taking into account vessel ETAs, the country is set to break the 600 kt mark this month.

The largest portion of exports were destined for Turkey, at 134 kt. This is also the highest monthly volume exported to the country this year from Algeria- it is a 23% increase from the previous high experienced in May.