Corvette is rounding the Cape of Good Hope and has updated her AIS for Marcus Hook, ETA 9-Sept. The market was expecting VLGC BW Orion to load at the terminal around the same time for Mercuria.

MGC George N loaded in Targa on 13-Aug; the last MGC to load at the terminal was Clipper Saturn, who arrived on 27-Jul. There has not been a VLGC loading since Galaxy River arrived on 22-Jul, although the market expects Levant to arrive at the terminal on 1-Sept.

Trafigura’s VLGC BW Tucana arrived at the Jose Terminal in Venezuela on 16-Aug, and is currently docked there.

There are 3 VLGCs expected by the Port of Mailiao, Taiwan at the end of August for a total import quantity of 68 kt C3 and 45 kt C4. The vessels are: Kikyo, Chinook and BW Prince.

Floating Storage in Asia

Many of the large cargoes that were floating in the past few weeks continue to do so, with the addition of several more:
  • Singapore (466 kt floating)
    • Shergar loaded in Enterprise on 1-Jul, and has been floating since 12-Aug. Her last AIS was for Ningbo, ETA 12-Aug.
    • Progress loaded via STS with BW Carina on 27-Jul. at Nipah Anch. BW Carina has been fixed by Sunoco for loading in Marcus Hook, ETA 28-Aug.
    • Berge Nantong loaded via STS operations at Nipah Anch. on 7-Jul, and 16-Jul.
    • Promise loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 11-Jul.
    • Ming Long also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 15-Jul.
    • Cratis also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 24-Jul.
    • Clipper Sun loaded in Ras Laffan on 25-Jul and arrived in Singapore on 7-Aug. Her last AIS position was received on 14-Aug.
    • Venus Glory loaded a propane cargo in Umm Said on 28-Jul, and has been floating around Singapore since 9-Aug.
    • Morston loaded a propane cargo in Yanbu on 2-Aug, and arrived in Singapore on 15-Aug.
    • Sun Aries loaded a Bonny-sourced cargo via STS with Monsoon at Nipah Anch. on 3-Aug.
    • British Commerce loaded propane in Ras Laffan on 3-Aug, and has been anchored since 16-Aug.
  • Far East (137 kt floating)
    • Constellation loaded in Enterprise on 24-May and has been sitting outside of Ningbo since 9-Jul.
    • Lubara loaded in Bethioua on 27-Jun and was last seen floating in the South China Sea. Her last AIS position was received on 17-Aug, with her draught level indicating that she is still loaded.
    • Gas Summit loaded in Yanbu on 23-Jul and was signaling for Incheon, ETA 13-Aug. Although she did arrive off the west coast of S. Korea by that date, she has yet to discharge; furthermore, the Ports of Incheon, Daesan, and Pyeong Taek do not list her on their arrival schedules.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Gas Diana loaded partial cargoes in Sitra and Al Ruwais on 17-Jul, and sat in Singapore from 28-Jul to 8-Aug before heading north. She is currently discharging in Ulsan.
    • Gas Star loaded in Enterprise on 15-Jun, and discharged a partial cargo in Ulsan on 7-Aug. She had since been floating off the south coast of Japan until 15-Aug when she discharged partial cargoes in both Sakai (15-Aug) and Kashima (18-Aug).
Top 5 Exporters January-July
  1. USA
  2. UAE
  3. Qatar
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Algeria

July was the largest exporting month for the Top 5 with a combined total of 5.3 mn tons.

Although overall exports increased in July for the Top 5, U.S. exports decreased by 13% compared to the previous month; the four other countries experienced increases.

Below: The Top 5 Exporting Countries from January-July 2016

West African Exports

Although none of the W. African countries have landed in the Top 5 exporting countries list, the year-to-date flows for the region are slightly higher than last year.

Out of the countries in the zone, Nigeria is the largest exporter- having loaded a total of 1.285 mn tons of LPG so far.