Hellas Hercules, who had been floating ballast between Madagascar and S. Africa since 22-Jul, has updated her AIS for Fujairah, ETA 27-Aug.Corvette had been signaling for Marcus Hook, ETA 9-Sept, but has since updated her AIS for Nederland, ETA 11-Sept. BW Orion has been fixed by Mercuria for loading at Marcus Hook on 9-Sept.Lucina Providence discharged an Enterprise-sourced cargo at the Japanese ports of Sendai (12-Aug), Negishi (15-Aug), and Sodegaura (18-Aug). She then docked at Namikata on 20-Aug, where her draught level indicates that she loaded a small cargo. The vessel has since discharged in Shen-ao in Taiwan on 24-Aug, and is now heading toward the Philippines, ETA 27-Aug.After completing a voyage from Yanbu to Cai Mep for Astomos, Aurora Balder passed through the Singapore Strait and signaled for Houston, ETA 13-Sep. The vessel then updated her AIS for Yanbu, ETA Aug-25, but after passing Sri Lanka, she then began signaling for Al Ruwais, ETA 28-Aug. She has been fixed to Shell.INPEX is set to receive their second cargo at their terminal in Naoetsu, Japan. Gyxis’s Musanah loaded in Das Island on 5-Aug and arrived outside the port on 25-Aug. The vessel is also expected by the Tokyo Bay Port to discharge a partial cargo in Ohgishima, ETA 30-Aug.JS Ineos Intrepid docked at the Morgans Point in Houston last week on 18-Aug, and is currently still at the berth. She is loading the terminal’s first ethane cargo.Gunvor has fixed 2 VLGCs who are now acting as Floating Storage outside the Port of Flushing:

Ocean Orchid loaded a cargo in Ras Tanura on 7-Aug and was signaling a discharge in Tokyo Bay, ETA 26-Aug. After passing Taiwan, she made a U-turn and is now heading back toward the S. China Sea.
European and the Mediterranean Voyages
Large Cargoes Heading for Europe/Med:
  • Total’s Gaschem Bremen loaded in N’Kossa on 12-Aug, and is expected by the port of Terneuzen, ETA 28-Aug.
  • Statoil’s BW Energy loaded in Enterprise on 15-Aug and is crossing the Atlantic toward Europe. Her destination is still unclear, with her AIS signaling “For Order”.
  • Sumire Gas loaded in Enterprise on 18-Aug and is heading for Tarragona, ETA 4-Sept.
  • Vitol’s Hellas Glory loaded in Enterprise on 19-Aug and is signaling for Flushing, ETA 4-Sept.
  • Geogas’s Champlain loaded in Marcus Hook on 19-Aug and is expected by the market to discharge in Sines and Lavera.
  • Statoil’s BW Aries loaded in Targa on 20-Aug and is on her way to Teesport, ETA 4-Sep.
Large Cargoes Heading out of Europe/Med
  • Sonatrach’s Hassi Messaoud 2 loaded a propane cargo in Bethioua on 5-Aug and is currently waiting outside the port of Santos.
  • Sonatrach’s Reggane also loaded a propane cargo in Bethioua on 17-Aug and is heading for Suape, ETA 28-Aug.
  • Verrazane loaded butane in Bethioua on 19-Aug and is currently by Mauritania heading south.
  • Vitol’s British Courage loaded in Bethioua on 20-Aug and is currently floating off Tenerife. The market expects her to discharge Far East.


Floating Storage in Asia

While some of the large cargoes that were floating during the past few weeks continue to do so, others have begun to move toward import terminals, or have already found a home:
  • Singapore (377kt floating; 466kt last week)
    • Berge Nantong loaded via STS operations at Nipah Anch. on 7-Jul, and 16-Jul.
    • Promise loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 11-Jul.
    • Ming Long also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 15-Jul.
    • Cratis also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 24-Jul.
    • Venus Glory loaded a propane cargo in Umm Said on 28-Jul, and has been floating around Singapore since 9-Aug.
    • Morston loaded a propane cargo in Yanbu on 2-Aug, and arrived in Singapore on 15-Aug.
    • Sun Aries loaded a Bonny-sourced cargo via STS with Monsoon at Nipah Anch. on 3-Aug.
    • British Commerce loaded propane in Ras Laffan on 3-Aug, and has been anchored since 16-Aug.
    • Chaparral loaded in Umm Said on 7-Aug, and has been floating since 19-Aug.
  • Far East (46 kt floating; 137kt last week)
    • Sakura Gas loaded in Enterprise on 3-Jul and has been waiting outside the port of Tianjin since 20-Aug.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Shergar loaded in Enterprise on 1-Jul, and was floating in Singapore since 12-Aug. She began traveling north through the S. China Sea on 24-Aug, but has yet to signal a destination. Her last AIS was updated on 12-Aug for Ningbo.
    • Clipper Sun loaded in Ras Laffan on 25-Jul and arrived in Singapore on 7-Aug. She left the area on 23-Aug heading north.
    • Progress loaded via STS with BW Carina on 27-Jul. at Nipah Anch. On Aug-22, she too also began passing north through the S. China Sea with no clear destination.
    • Constellation loaded in Enterprise on 24-May and had been sitting outside of Ningbo since 9-Jul. She finally discharged at the ports of Daxie Ningbo (20-Aug) and Zhangjiagang (Aug 22).
    • Lubara loaded in Bethioua on 27-Jun and was floating in the South China Sea. On 22-Aug she began moving north, and is currently discharging at the port of Fujian.
    • Gas Summit loaded in Yanbu on 23-Jul and sat outside of Incheon since 13-Aug. She finally discharged her cargo at the terminal on 22-Aug.
Small Scale LPG Fleet in Europe, Black Sea, Mediterranean, North Africa
As mentioned in a previous email update, we are pleased to announce that we have added the LPG fleet of vessel sizes ranging between 1300 – 20,000 cbm sized in Europe, Black Sea, Mediterranean, and North Africa.
Since May, the Small Gas Carriers (SGC) have made up 11% of Algerian exports, with the majority consisting of butane. Our data shows that the Handysize and MGCs took up about 16% each of the exports, while LGCs accounted for 24% and VLGCs 32%.