Trafigura’s VLGC BW Tucana loaded in Corpus Christi on 29-Aug and is on her way toward Lome in W. Africa, ETA 15-Sep.

Petredec’s Clipper Star re-exported a butane cargo out of PEMEX’s terminal in Pajaritos on 30-Aug and is now heading east between Florida and Cuba. While her most recent AIS is signaling NWE, the market expects her to discharge in Morocco. Fellow Petredec LGC Jenny N loaded in Enterprise on 24-Aug and was originally expected for a Moroccan discharge. However, she is currently waiting at Cristobal Anchorage in Panama.

Gunvor’s Concorde loaded in Flushing on 18-Aug and was on her way toward Sines, where the port authority was expecting her on 29-Aug. However, she turned around on the 26th, and is back floating outside of Flushing. Regarding large cargoes, the port of Sines is expecting Hellas Glory, ETA 4-Sep, and the market expects Champlain to discharge on 11-Sep.

Geogas’s BW Broker loaded in Sanha on 27-Aug with the market expecting her to discharge in Botany. She is instead heading west toward Ocoa Bay, ETA 12-Sept.

Fellow Geogas-chartered vessel, Navigator Pegasus, loaded in Bethioua on 28-Aug. Though her AIS has not been updated, her trajectory indicates that she may also be headed for Ocoa Bay, ETA 8-Sept.

JS Ineos Intrepid was docked at the Morgans Point from 18-Aug to 1-Sept to load the terminal’s first ethane cargo. The vessel is now on her way to Rafnes, ETA 14-Sept.

This Week’s U.S. Loadings and their Destinations
  • 31-Aug: Commander is heading for Flushing, ETA 12-Sept.
  • 30-Aug: Passat is heading for the Panama Canal, ETA 4-Sept.
  • 29-Aug: Constitution is heading for Suape, ETA 10-Sept.
  • 27-Aug: Jenny N was originally expected to discharge in Mohammedia, but is currently at Cristobal Anchorage.
  • 25-Aug: Hellas Glory is expected by the port of Sines, ETA 4-Sep.
  • 25-Aug: Galaxy River is heading for Singapore via the Cape of Good Hope with ETA 30-Sept. The market expects her to discharge Far East.
  • 30-Aug: Hellas Poseidon is heading for Dortyol, ETA 17-Sept.
  • 29-Aug: Yuricosmos is currently at Cristobal Anch, and is expected to transit though the Panama Canal.
  • 31-Aug: Berge Ningbo is expected by the port of Tuxpan, ETA 2-Sept.
  • 28-Aug: BW Leo is heading for Singapore via the Cape of Good Hope with ETA 18-Oct. The market expects her to discharge Far East.
Corpus Christi:
  • 31-Aug: BW Tucana heading for Lome, ETA 15-Sept.


Floating Storage in Asia

While some of the large cargoes that were floating during the past few weeks continue to do so, others have begun to move toward import terminals, or have already found a home:
  • Singapore (285 kt floating; 377 kt last week)
    • Berge Nantong loaded via STS operations at Nipah Anch. on 7-Jul, and 16-Jul.
    • Promise loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 11-Jul.
    • Ming Long also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 15-Jul.
    • Venus Glory loaded a propane cargo in Umm Said on 28-Jul, and has been floating around Singapore since 9-Aug.
    • Morston loaded a propane cargo in Yanbu on 2-Aug, and arrived in Singapore on 15-Aug.
    • Sun Aries loaded a Bonny-sourced cargo via STS with Monsoon at Nipah Anch. on 3-Aug.
    • British Commerce loaded propane in Ras Laffan on 3-Aug, and has been anchored since 16-Aug.
  • Far East (46 kt floating; 46kt last week)
    • Sinndar loaded in Nederland on 16-Jul and passed through the Panama Canal while signaling for Singapore, ETA 20-Aug. Since 26-Aug, she has been floating approx. 500km east off the coast of Taiwan.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Chaparral loaded in Umm Said on 7-Aug, and had been floating since 19-Aug until she discharged a partial cargo in Gaolan Siamgas on 30-Aug.
    • Sakura Gas loaded in Enterprise on 3-Jul and had been waiting outside the port of Tianjin since 20-Aug until she finally discharged on 26-Aug.
Japanese Imports
August imports from the U.S. were at a year time low at around 135 kt.
August imports from the UAE were at a year time high at 257 kt.