BW Carina has been berthed at Marcus Hook since 31-Aug. This is due to the slow loading of butane onto the vessel.

VLGC BW Boss has been fixed by Trafigura for loading in Corpus Christi, ETA 4-Oct. Trafigura loaded a butane cargo onto BW Tucana at the terminal last week, and the vessel is now on her way to Lome, ETA 15-Sept.

Albert loaded a cargo in Enterprise on 31-Aug, and has been sitting outside Houston since 2-Sept. Her AIS is signaling a discharge in Tuxpan, ETA 17-Sept.

Total has fixed Adriatic Gas who loaded a butane cargo in Targa on 4-Sept. The vessel is expected to discharge in Le Havre on 21-Sept. The last cargo loaded in Houston that ended up in France was on board Kent, who loaded in Targa on 4-Apr.

Navigator Aurora has been fixed by Sibur until December 2016, upon which she will enter a time charter under Borealis. The vessel is currently on her way to load her maiden cargo in Ust-Luga, ETA 16-Sept.

Floating Storage in Asia

While some of the large cargoes that were floating during the past few weeks continue to do so, others have begun to move toward import terminals, or have already found a home:
  • Singapore (360 kt floating; 285 kt last week)
    • Berge Nantong loaded via STS operations at Nipah Anch. on 7-Jul, and 16-Jul.
    • Promise loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 11-Jul.
    • Ming Long also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 15-Jul.
    • Venus Glory loaded a propane cargo in Umm Said on 28-Jul, and has been floating around Singapore since 9-Aug.
    • Morston loaded a propane cargo in Yanbu on 2-Aug, and arrived in Singapore on 15-Aug.
    • Sun Aries loaded a Bonny-sourced cargo via STS with Monsoon at Nipah Anch. on 3-Aug.
    • Providence loaded in Ras Laffan on 14-Aug and has been sitting in Singapore since 3-Sept.
    • BW Kyoto loaded in Ras Laffan on 22-Aug and arrived in Singapore on 4-Sept.
    • Karoline N loaded in Enterprise on 25-Jul and has been floating in Malacca Strait since 7-Sept with her AIS reading “For Order”.
  • Far East (46 kt floating; 46kt last week)
    • Sinndar loaded in Nederland on 16-Jul and passed through the Panama Canal while signaling for Singapore, ETA 20-Aug. Since 26-Aug, she has been floating east off the coast of Taiwan. Her last position was received on 6-Sept.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • British Commerce loaded propane in Ras Laffan on 3-Aug, and was anchored in Singapore since 16-Aug. She is now on her way to Yantai, ETA 9-Sept.

Marcus Hook Exports

As mentioned above, BW Carina is loading butane at the terminal. This year, there were 2 other vessels who loaded partial butane cargoes in June and July.

Ethane exports also commenced this year in March, with the JS Ineos vessels routinely shuttling cargoes from the terminal to Europe. August was the largest month for ethane exports, and it was also the first time that ethane exports exceeded those of LPG.

The large majority of the LPG exports from the terminal have ended up in Europe, with the most landing in Terneuzen, Netherlands at 185 kt this year so far.

Ternezuen Imports

While the majority of Marcus Hook exports have ended up in Terneuzen, Dow has imported the largest amount of their LPG cargoes from Enterprise at 468kt through August.

August was the largest month for imports at 248 kt. The increase comes from a huge spike in imports from Enterprise, who exported 184 kt alone to the terminal.