BW Carina loaded a 33:13 C3:C4 cargo at Marcus Hook, and has finally left the port after her initial arrival at end-Aug. She has updated her AIS for Singapore, ETA 30-Oct.

Naftomar’s Gaz Supplier loaded in Enterprise  mid-July, and was floating off Aruba since then. On 16-Sept, she began heading north and updated her AIS for Gibraltar, ETA 29-Sept.

Also in Gibraltar, Clipper Star, who exported a butane cargo from Pajaritos on 30-Aug, completed several STS transfers onto smaller vessels:

  • SGC Belgravia discharged in Mohammedia on 17-Sept.
  • SGC Flamengo discharged in Agadir on 18-Sept.
  • SGC Kirkby is heading for Alexandria, ETA 24-Sept.
  • SGC Epic Sentosa is heading for Abidjan, ETA 24-Sept.
  • Handysize Prins Maurits is heading for Lagos, ETA 27-Sept.
        Clipper Star is now ballasting back to Pajaritos, ETA 3-Oct.

Trafigura’s BW Tucana loaded a butane cargo in Corpus Christi on 31-Aug, and transferred a partial cargo onto handysize vessel Marcellus Lady, who in turn discharged a partial in Abidjan and is now heading for Cotonou, ETA 23-Sept.

Gunvor’s Concorde loaded a cargo in Flushing on 18-Aug and was floating outside the port until she berthed at Antwerp BASF on 21-Sept. The Port Authority at Flushing is expecting her back at their port on 25-Sept.

Handysize new build Bering Gas has left the shipyard in S. Korea and is heading across the Pacific toward Panama where she will be open for charter.

Ukraine has imported a small cargo on-board SGC Epic St. Thomas, who loaded in Ras Shukheir on 11-Sept and discharged in Chornomorsk on 18-Sept.

LGC BW Nice had been fixed by Shell and was loading LPG via STS in Singapore and Maldives and delivering it to Mangalore. She conducted one last STS where she transferred her cargo to SHV’s LGC BW Helios outside Dubai on 7-Sept before entering an ammonia time charter under Mitsubishi. She is currently loading at the Ras Al Khair ammonia plant in Saudi Arabia.

JS Ineos Inspiration is now headed for Morgans Point, ETA 28-Sept. This will be the second ethane cargo exported from the terminal following JS Ineos Intrepid, who discharged the first Morgans Point cargo in Rafnes, ETA 15-Sept.

Floating Storage in Asia
Many of the floating storage vessels have begun moving north:
  • Singapore (268kt floating; 360 kt 2 weeks ago)
    • Ming Long also loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 15-Jul.
    • Sun Aries loaded a Bonny-sourced cargo via STS with Monsoon at Nipah Anch. on 3-Aug.
    • Providence loaded in Ras Laffan on 14-Aug and has been sitting in Singapore since 3-Sept.
    • BW Kyoto loaded in Ras Laffan on 22-Aug and arrived in Singapore on 4-Sept.
    • Karoline N loaded in Enterprise on 25-Jul and has been floating in Malacca Strait since 7-Sept with her AIS reading “For Order”.
    • Aquamarine Progress loaded via STS with Berge Nantong at Nipah Anch. on 14-Sept.
    • Sirocco loaded a Kaarstoe-sourced cargo via STS with BW Aries in Gibraltar and arrived in Singapore on
  • Far East (46 kt floating; 46 kt 2 weeks ago)
    • Cougar loaded in Nederland on 17-Aug and has been sitting outside Sendai since 19-Sept.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Berge Nantong loaded via STS operations at Nipah Anch. on 7-Jul, and 16-Jul. On 14-Sept, she transferred the cargo to Naftomar’s Aquamarine Progress.
    • Venus Glory loaded a propane cargo in Umm Said on 28-Jul, and had been floating around Singapore since 9-Aug. She began moving north on 16-Sept, and has almost reached the E. China Sea.
    • Promise loaded via STS at Nipah Anch. on 11-Jul. She began moving north on 20-Sept but has not updated her AIS.
    • Sinndar loaded in Nederland on 16-Jul and passed through the Panama Canal while signaling for Singapore, ETA 20-Aug. She had been floating east off the coast of Taiwan since 26-Aug, until she discharged in Ningbo on 20-Sept.
    • Morston loaded a propane cargo in Yanbu on 2-Aug, and arrived in Singapore on 15-Aug.On 21 Sept, she arrived at Daxie Ningbo and left the next day with her draught level indicating that she did not discharge.
    • Bu Sidra loaded in Nederland on 27-Jul and was floating since 13-Sept. She began moving north on 19-Sept and has yet to update her AIS.
    • Gas Beryl loaded in Asaluyeh on 2-Sept and arrived in SGP on 16-Sept and on 21-Sept, she began moving north. Although she has not updated her AIS, she previously had been signaling for Wenzhou, ETA 22-Sept.
Chinese Imports

– August LPG imports were at 1.3 mn tons in China, which was an increase after those experienced in July; however, they were still not at the levels witnessed during the Spring.

North China

  • August was the largest month in terms of imports for North China at 344 kt.
  • The region receives the majority of their LPG from the U.S. at 482 kt YTD.
  • The majority of Malaysian cargoes exported to China have landed in North China, at 86%YTD.
East China
  • The majority of U.S. cargoes exported to China were imported into East China, at 64% YTD.
  • U.S. and Iranian cargoes account for 72% of imported LPG into the region YTD.
South China
  • South China is the largest importing region in the country, accounting for 49% of the country’s YTD imports.
  • The region receives the overwhelming majority of their imports from Iran at 1.7 mn tons YTD.
  • The largest importing month this year was March at 720 kt.