Floating Storage in Asia

There are less and less vessels acting as floating storage:
  • Singapore (221 kt floating; 263 kt last week)
    • BW Kyoto loaded in Ras Laffan on 22-Aug and arrived in Singapore on 4-Sept.
    • Karoline N loaded in Enterprise on 25-Jul and has been floating in Malacca Strait since 7-Sept with her AIS reading “For Order”.
    • Aquamarine Progress loaded via STS with Berge Nantong at Nipah Anch. on 14-Sept.
    • Ming Zhu loaded via STS with Ming Long on 24-Sept at Nipah Anch.
    • Copernicus loaded in Al Ruwais on 22-Sept and has been sitting in Singapore since 3-Oct.
    • G. Paragon loaded via STS with BW Nantes on 28-Sept.
  • Far East (0 kt floating; 46 kt last week)
    • None
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Providence loaded in Ras Laffan on 14-Aug and has been sitting in Singapore since 3-Sept. She is currently discharging in Wenzhou.
    • Sun Aries loaded a Bonny-sourced cargo via STS with Monsoon at Nipah Anch. on 3-Aug. On 28-Sept, she discharged her cargo via STS to Cratis, who is currently waiting outside Fangcheng.
    • Karoline N loaded in Enterprise on 25-Jul and had been floating in Malacca Strait since 7-Sept with her AIS reading “For Order”. On 6-Oct she updated her AIS for Chiba, ETA 16-Oct, and began moving north.
    • BW Nantes loaded in Nipah Anch. on 11-Sept and transferred partial cargoes to SGCs. She is currently transferring the remainder of her cargo via STS to G. Paragon.

U.S.: Largest Exporting Country

The U.S. remains the largest exporting country for Q3 at 5.4 mtons. As displayed above, 3 of the Top 5 West of Suez export installations are in the U.S. Together, Enterprise, Targa and Nederland made up 87% of LPG flows from the U.S, while Enterprise alone accounted for 46%.

The majority of cargoes that have already been delivered have ended up in the Netherlands (578 kt), S. Korea (492 kt), and Mexico (479 kt).

Out of the cargoes still on water and that have not yet been delivered, the majority are signaling for Far East with no specified country (399 kt), then Japan (297 kt), and finally Netherlands (123 kt).

Below is a look at Q3 lifters at Enterprise, as well as Q3 sellers from Marcus Hook:


Far East Import Highlights

3 of the Top 5 importing countries in East of Suez are located in the Far East: China, Japan, S. Korea


South Korea

The country experienced a spike in imports in September, where numbers reached 652 kt.

This is in large part due to increased imports into Ulsan (318 kt) and Yeosu (101 kt) during the month.



While YTD flows for 2016 are higher than 2015, there was a year-time low in imports this September at only 486 kt.

Comparing Q3 of this year with the same time period in 2015, we can see that there was a large increase in imports from the U.S., Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, while there were significantly less imports from the UAE, Timor-Leste, and Algeria.

Below is a YTD and Monthly comparison of 2016 Kpler Japanese import figures vs. official METI figures. There is less than a 1% difference for YTD flows ending in August (latest METI publication).