Geogas’s Handy-size Clipper Hermes loaded a propane cargo at Marcus Hook on 29-Sept, while their VLGC Champlain loaded a partial propane cargo at the same terminal on 3-Oct. Both vessels were sitting outside the port until 7-Oct when Clipper Hermes transferred her cargo via STS to Champlain, who is now expected by the market to discharge in Lavera, ETA 19-Oct.

Caravelle docked at Soyo on 11-Oct. The last VLGC loading at the plant took place on 19-Jun on board BP’s British Courage, who discharged her cargo in Sines and Santos.

Aurora Capricorn passed through the Singapore Strait after completing a voyage in China. She was originally signaling for Al Ruwais, ETA 21-Oct but has updated her AIS for Soyo, ETA 4-Nov.

Tokyo Gas is expecting the second cargo at their terminal in Hitachi for this year. Sunny Bright is expected there on 13-Oct with her Mina al-Ahmadi-sourced cargo.

Pertamina Gas 2 loaded in Asaluyeh on 26-Sept and arrived in Kalbut, Indonesia on 12-Oct. This is the first Iranian cargo received by Pertamina.

Pertamina issued a buy tender for an evenly split 44kt cargo with delivery into Kalbut by 18-20 Oct. Trafigura’s Cresques loaded in Bonny on 28-Sept with her AIS reading Kalbut, ETA 22-Oct. At her current speed, our Shipping Calculator estimates she will reach her destination by the 20th.

Trafigura VLGC BW Boss loaded in Corpus Christi on 8-Oct and is heading toward Aruba, ETA 17-Oct.

BW Broker is expected to load the first LPG cargo at Phillip 66’s terminal in Freeport, TX. The vessel is currently on her way to Terneuzen to deliver her Enterprise-sourced cargo, ETA 14-Oct.

Musanah finished loading in Enterprise on 1-Oct and transited through the Panama Canal with an original destination for Chiba, ETA 1-Nov. However, after traveling approx. 40 km after exiting the canal, she turned back and has been anchored at Balboa since 9-Oct.

Kolmar has recently delivered two cargoes to the Wadi Feiran terminal located on the W. coast of the Sinai Peninsula:

  • BW Birch loaded in Ras Tanura 16-Sept, and delivered her cargo on 29-Sept.
  • Captain Nicholas Ml loaded in Yanbu on 9-Oct and is currently waiting outside the port.
New builds:
  • MGC Yara Freya is heading across the Pacific from S. Korea toward Panama, ETA 31-Oct.
  • VLGC Jia Yuan is also heading across the Pacific with an ETA of 29-Oct for Balbao Anch.
  • Handy-size Navigator Eclipse has left the shipyard in Shanghai and is heading for Ulsan, ETA 13-Oct.
U.S. Cargoes Heading for Europe

As shown below, there are several large vessels heading toward Europe; 3 are expected in the Netherlands

Cheyenne is expected by the market to discharge in Turkey, but her AIS is signaling “Crete for Order”


Champlain is also signaling “For Order”, but is expected by the market to discharge in Lavera.
Panama Canal

Ballast Voyages:

-There is a high volume of vessels ballasting across the Pacific toward the Panama Canal- 14 vessels plus 1 currently in transit:

Shaamit, Summit RiverChaparralTouraine (NH3), Sinndar, Gas Taurus, Sunny VistaCougar, Fountain RiverReimei, Jia YuanSunstar,Yara Freya, G.AreteYuyo

Laden Voyages

There are 11 loaded vessels that have transited the Panama Canal, and have yet to discharge- 9 have crossed through, 1 is currently in transit, and 1 is awaiting passage. The following are the vessels by destination:

Latin America

  • Gaschem Hamburg: She entered the canal on 13-Oct and is currently stopped there. Historically, the vessel has been discharging in Puerto Corsain, El Salvador.
  • Shergar: The market expects her to discharge in Chorrillo, ETA 15-Oct.
  • Yuricosmos: Quintero, ETA 18-Oct.
Far East
Floating Storage in Asia
There are less and less vessels acting as floating storage:
  • Singapore (155 kt floating; 221 kt last week)
    • Aquamarine Progress loaded via STS with Berge Nantong at Nipah Anch. on 14-Sept.
    • BW Nantes loaded in Nipah Anch. on 11-Sept and transferred partial cargoes to SGCs.
    • Berge Nantong loaded in Nipah Anch. via STS and has transferred part of her cargoes to SGCs.
    • Copernicus loaded in Al Ruwais on 22-Sept and has been sitting in Singapore since 3-Oct.
  • Far East (75 kt floating; 0 kt last week)
    • Ming Zhu loaded via STS with Ming Long on 24-Sept at Nipah Anch. She is now floating outside Hong Kong.
    • Gas Beryl loaded in Asaluyeh on 2-Sept and arrived in SGP on 16-Sept. On 21-Sept, she began moving north and although her AIS is signaling for Wenzhou, ETA 11-Oct, she has been floating outside the port since 29-Sept.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • BW Kyoto loaded in Ras Laffan on 22-Aug and arrived in Singapore on 4-Sept. She began moving on 7-Oct, and although her AIS reads Chiba, ETA 15-Oct, she seems to be heading toward Shanghai.
    • Karoline N loaded in Enterprise on 25-Jul and had been floating in Malacca Strait since 7-Sept. She began heading north on 6-Oct and is heading for Chiba, ETA 16-Oct.


Iran Exports
As mentioned previously, the first Iranian cargo has landed in Indonesia. Historically, the vast majority of Iranian cargoes have ended up in China at 89%YTD.