Trafigura VLGC BW Boss loaded a partial cargo in Corpus Christi on 8-Oct, and filled the remainder of her capacity after loading via STS in Aruba with Brugge Venture (originally loaded in Jose) on 18-Oct. BW Boss is now headed for Singapore, ETA 23-Nov.

Petredec’s MGC Essex loaded a propane cargo at Enteprise on 10-Oct, the same day that Ernest N arrived ballast at Cristobal Anchorage. On 16-Oct both vessels arrived at PetroPort in Panama and conducted a transshipment. Ernest N, who is now carrying the cargo, is on her way to Puerto Quetzal, ETA 21-Oct, while Essex is heading toward Pisco, ETA 22-Oct, where she will enter a time charter under Navitranso.

Berge Ningbo arrived at Enterprise on 1-Oct. and has not been seen since. However, she has most likely left Houston since she is expected by the port to arrive in Santos, Brazil on 21-Oct.

Clipper Star left Pajaritos with her butane cargo on 14-Oct and is now signaling for Flushing, ETA 2-Nov.

Sunny Green completed discharging her Ras Laffan cargo in Sakai (4-Oct) and Sakaide (5-Oct). According to her draught level, she reexported a small cargo from Namikata on 15-Oct, and is now heading toward Raoping, ETA 20-Oct.

Also in Namikata, JOGMEC issued a tender for 33kt of propane with delivery into the terminal between 5-Oct and 5-Nov. Sumire Gas, who loaded in Enterprise on 22-Sept has updated her AIS for Namikata with ETA 24-Oct after originally signaling for Sendai.

After arriving at Balboa Anch. on 9-Oct with her Enterprise cargo, Musanah finally began moving across the Pacific toward the Far East on 14-Oct. Her last AIS was for Chiba, ETA 8-Nov.

Azerbaijan and Georgia recently came to an agreement to resume exports of Azeri LPG through the Georgian terminal of Batumi. SGC Polaris completed loading at the terminal on 20-Oct and is heading for Galati in Romania, ETA 24-Oct.

After leaving the shipyard in China, MGC newbuild Navigator Eclipse loaded 150 mt of ammonia at Ulsan, thus signaling she will not be working on LPG voyages initially. Furthermore, she has been fixed under time charter to OCP.

MGC new build Manitoba has left Ulsan and is undergoing sea trials, according to her AIS.

Floating Storage in Asia

There are less and less vessels acting as floating storage:
  • Singapore (119 kt floating; 155 kt last week)
  • Far East (75 kt floating; 75  kt last week)
    • Ming Zhu loaded via STS with Ming Long on 24-Sept at Nipah Anch. She is now floating outside Hong Kong.
    • Gas Beryl loaded in Asaluyeh on 2-Sept and arrived in SGP on 16-Sept. On 21-Sept, she began moving north and although her AIS is signaling for Wenzhou, ETA 11-Oct, she has been floating outside the port since 29-Sept.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Berge Nantong loaded in Nipah Anch. via STS and has transferred part of her cargoes to SGCs. She is now on her way to Raoping to discharge the remainder of her cargo, ETA 21-Oct.

Bahia Blanca


October LPG exports from Bahia Blanca were at their highest level within the past 6 months.

The vast majority of cargoes for October have landed or are expected in Brazil- which is a trend seen throughout the past few years.

In addition to propane and butane, there are 3 ethylene cargoes that have been or are expected to be loaded on board SGCs this month:

Norgas Conception (Dow), Zoe Schulte, (Braskem) and Kithnos (Dow)


Last 6 months:

The only import over this time period came from Targa on board Balearic Gas on 12-Jul.

The single export in August was a partial cargo loaded onto Prins Alexander on the 19th. The vessel transferred the cargo to Clipper Hermes on the 23rd outside Montevideo, and eventually landed in Peru.