At the Sabine Pass plant, we observed a slight increase in the gas send-in level from 15-October (38.9 Mcf/d), thus we expect the plant to restart operations this week. Cheniere’s Clean Ocean is now ballasting toward the Gulf of Mexico at 6.9 Kn and is expected at the terminal on 22-October.

Petrobras’s Golar Winter, who is operating as a FSRU at Bahia, left her usual position on 16-October. She is expected to undergo maintenance for several weeks.

The Soyo terminal loaded two cargoes since restarting LNG production. Both cargoes were lifted according to the supply tender specifications by Vitol. Angola LNG issued one more tender with the loading expected to be on board Malanje, ETA 22-24 October. Currently, Vitol’s Lobito is about to deliver her cargo to Kochi, ETA 21-October. Also, Vitol’s Soyo updated her AIS for Dahej, ETA 4-November, and is now crossing the Indian Ocean.

At Gorgon, one vessel is expected to load a supply tender cargo on board LNG Barka, ETA 26-October. Also, ExxonMobil’s Marib Spirit is expected to deliver another tender cargo at Incheon for KOGAS, ETA 1-November.

Shell’s Sestao Knutsen delivered her Idku-sourced cargo to Aqaba on 16-October.

European Reloads

Centrica’s Stena Crystal Sky arrived at the terminal on 17-October, and left on 19-October. The vessel is still ballast, and is currently anchored off of the plant waiting for reload.

Vitol’s Golar Snow reloaded at Zeebrugge on 3-October, and is about to discharge at Dahej, ETA 20-October.

Kpler analysts expect a reload at the Gate port, with Wilpride and Meridian Spirit as potential vessels for the lifting. Also, Trafigura’s Energy Atlantic is expected to reload in NWE with delivery into Middle East. The vessel is currently ballasting across the Pacific Ocean.

Eni’s Wilforce reloaded at Zeebrugge on 15-October, and is currently crossing the Mediterranean Sea toward Suez. Her destination is not yet clear.

Newbuild Petronas’s Seri Camellia delivered her maiden Bintulu-sourced cargo to Pyeong Taek on 18-October.

Interesting Moves 

Shell’s Gaslog Sydney loaded a cargo at Bioko, and originally was headed toward the Cape of Hope. Then, the vessel headed west at a high speed (19 Kn) on 14-October, after which the vessel changed her direction again on 15-October, and headed toward the Indian Ocean with no clear destination. Her potential destinations are in the Middle East, India and Pacific Asia.

Shell’s Methane Alison Victoria loaded at Atlantic LNG on 13-October, and is currently making her laden voyage toward Elba Island, ETA 20-October. This is the second delivery to Elba Island in 2016.

Engie’s Maran Gas Asclepius loaded a cargo at Idku on 11-October, and is currently headed toward the Persian Gulf for discharge.

Adgas’s Ghasha loaded a cargo at Das Island on 10-October, and is now delivering it to Futtsu, ETA 26-October, according to the tender agreement.

Petrobras’s Esshu Maru reloaded a cargo at Bahia on 10-October, and is expected to discharge at Manzanillo, ETA 31-October.

Statoil’s Arctic Aurora is scheduled to discharge her Snohvit-sourced cargo at MAAGP, ETA 23-October.

Cheniere’s Oak Spirit is currently loading at Ras Laffan, and the vessel has not indicated her destination yet.

Woodside’s Seri Bakti lifted a cargo at Pluto on 10-October, and is currently making her laden voyage toward Sakaisenboku, ETA 22-October.

BP’s Celestine River is still floating off of Singapore after loading at NWS on 15-September.