There are 2 VLGCs expected by the port of Arzew in the next few days; both are destined for Far East:
5 VLGCs are scheduled to arrive in West Africa over the following week:
  • Pacific Qingdao is scheduled to load a cargo in Bonny for Trafigura, ETA 28-Oct. The market expects her to discharge in Aruba.
  • Berge Ningbo completed a voyage from Enterprise to Brazil, and has now updated her AIS for Bonny, ETA 3-Nov.
  • Morston is heading for Escravos, ETA 30-Oct.
  • Aurora Capricorn is signaling for Soyo, ETA 2-Nov to load for Total.
  • Geogas vessel Pointis completed a voyage from Bioko to Botany and is heading back toward W. Africa. She has not indicated her destination in the region.

There are several vessels that have signaled for the P66 Freeport Terminal:
  • BW Broker updated her AIS on 22-Oct for the Freeport Terminal, ETA 5-Nov.
  • Aurora Leo was also signaling for Freeport, ETA 23-Nov, after ballasting west through the Singapore Strait. On 22-Oct she began slowing down and on 26-Oct she updated her AIS for Yanbu, ETA 6-Nov. Based on her trajectory, it appears she is first heading toward Galle.
  • While Aurora Leo was floating in the Indian Ocean, Aurora Balder had just finished discharging in Incheon, and was crossing the Pacific toward Panama when she updated her AIS for Freeport, ETA 21-Nov.
  • Additionally, the market expects Gas Tigers, ETA 11-Nov, and BW Leo, ETA December, to load at the terminal.
  • BW Magellan has left the shipyard and has docked at Yeosu, thereby signaling she will soon make her maiden voyage.
  • Navigator Nova left the Jiangnan Shipyard and seems to be under going sea trials in the East China Sea.
Aurora Leo diverting her course from Freeport



Several STS operations have been carried out recently, with several more vessels positioning themselves to do so as well:

Scapa Flow (Scotland)

Balboa (Panama)
  • Clermont loaded in Enterprise on 15-Oct and is currently transferring the cargo to Gas Taurus, who is already signaling a discharge in Sendai, ETA 17-Nov. This is the first cargo transferred at Balboa  since the Panama Canal expansion was completed- the last STS operation took place on 25-Apr.
Crete (Greece)
  • Cheyenne loaded an evenly split cargo in Enterprise on 23-Sept and arrived off Crete on 12-Oct., where she transferred her cargo to 4 SGCs. She is now discharging in Aliaga.
    • Beylerbeyi discharged 6kt at the Aygaz Terminal in Izmit on 18-Oct.
    • Ramagas discharged 6kt at the Habas Terminal in Izmit on 23-Oct.
    • Iris Gas loaded a partial cargo of 2kt and is currently discharging in Durres.
    • Kilburn loaded 6kt and discharged a partial in Suez, and is now heading for Al Khair, ETA 28-Oct.
Takoradi (Ghana)
  • Jenny N loaded an evenly split cargo in Enterprise on 5-Oct and arrived in Takoradi on 25-Oct. SGC Gaschem Jade arrived the day before and is awaiting nearby.
Male (Maldives)
  • Shell’s Comet arrived at the anchorage zone on 22-Oct after discharging in Mangalore, while fellow Shell VLGC Shahrastani loaded in Nederland on 22-Sept and is scheduled to arrive in Male on 28-Oct.
  • IOC’s Constellation loaded in Ras Laffan on 23-Oct and is heading for Male with ETA 30-Oct.
Floating Storage in Asia
There are less and less vessels acting as floating storage:
  • Singapore (49 kt floating; 119 kt last week)
  • Far East (75 kt floating; 75  kt last week)
    • Ming Zhu loaded via STS with Ming Long on 24-Sept at Nipah Anch. She is now floating outside Hong Kong.
    • Gas Beryl loaded in Asaluyeh on 2-Sept and arrived in SGP on 16-Sept. On 21-Sept, she began moving north and although her AIS is signaling for Wenzhou, ETA 11-Oct, she has been floating outside the port since 29-Sept.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Copernicus loaded in Al Ruwais on 22-Sept and had been sitting in Singapore since 3-Oct. She began moving north on 20-Oct, and based on her trajectory, is heading toward Japan.


VLGC Ton Miles

Below are June-October VLGC mileage figures for delivered cargoes:

  • The month with the greatest average miles traveled was June at 6899 nm.
  • To date, October has the lowest sum of ton miles at 27.02 billion.
  • The overall trend is a decrease in the monthly average of ton miles for VLGCs- this is in correlation with the upward trend in EoS exports.