Europe, Middle East & Africa

Mediterranean zone
Azeri light crude has shown the lowest export levels since the beginning of the year. October exports from Supsa and Botas BTC terminal in Ceyhan reached 640 kbd with only one scheduled loading left for the month, Yasa Golden Dardanelles, which is expected to load at Supsa terminal on October-26.

However, it is the first time since March that 2 VLCC’s loaded at BTC teminal:

  • BW Ulan loaded 2 MMbbls of Azeri Light on October 23 and will arrive to China the first week of December.
  • Sandra loaded 2 MMbbls of Azeri Light on October 17 and sent Yangpu, China as destination.

North SeaForties
3 VLCC’s loaded at Hound point in October, all of them going to Asia. In 2016, we have seen in average 2 VLCC’s loadings per month at Hound Point except in January, when 4 VLCC’s were loaded.October VLCC’s:



US exports vessels:ApolytaresDestination Singapore ETA 3-Dec (VLCC)
Paramount Hanover: Destination Irving, Canada ETA 28-Oct (Aframax)
Minerva Alice: Destination Rotterdam ETA 03-Nov (Aframax)
Grimstad: Destination Whiffen Head, Canada ETA 24-Oct (Aframax)