Europe, Middle East & Africa

North West Europe
North western Europe imports reached 3600 kbd avg. in October. This is the highest import figure of the year in a monthly basis.

  • One of the reasons is that crude coming from Arab gulf also peaked in October. Below, NWE imports from the 6 Middle East OPEC members and Egypt (mainly Sidi Kerir terminal)
  • Moreover, crude flows from Russia to NWE have recovered over the last few months mainly driven by oil coming from UMBA FSO and CPC terminal
  • Finally, we have also seen Brazilian crude oil arriving to ARA and UK in the second half of the year. 5 Suezmax discharged in NWE in 2016

July: Storviken (Unload point: BP Rotterdam)

September: Densa Orca and Delta Mariner (Unload points: TEAM Rotterdam and MOT Rotterdam)

October: Delta Sky and Chios (Unload points: Tetney UK and MOT Rotterdam)

Floating storage

  • VLCCs Devon, Dore and Destiny left Iranian floating storage on October-27 and are now anchored at Fujairah with drafts of 20.6, 20.9 and 18.2 meters, respectively.