Vitol’s Clipper Star loaded a butane cargo in Pajaritos on 14-Oct and was originally signaling for Flushing. She is now waiting outside the port of Mohammedia.

Navigator Ceres loaded a butane cargo in Bahia Blanca on 17-Oct and transferred it outside Dakar via STS to Verrazane, who is still floating there.

While Navigator Ceres is on her way back to Bahia Blanca, ETA 13-Nov, fellow Geogas vessel Kentloaded a small butane cargo at the same terminal on 1-Nov, with the port listing her destination as Ghana.

Trafigura’s Jia Yuan was expected by the market to load her maiden cargo in Houston, but she has instead arrived ballast in Aruba for potential STS operations. Fellow VLGC, BW Gemini arrived fully loaded with her Enterprise-sourced cargo on 3-Nov.

Hellas Poseidon loaded in Targa on 25-Oct, with the market expecting her to discharge Far East. Instead of going through the Panama Canal or around the Cape of Good Hope, she is currently crossing the Atlantic and signaling for Port Said, ETA 13-Nov.

After moving ethane cargoes since early March, JS Ineos Ingenuity has been fixed by Petredec and is currently loading a propane cargo with delivery into Mexico.

On the other hand, Clipper Hermes, who had previously been lifting LPG cargoes, completed loading an ethane cargo at Morgans Point on 2-Nov, with the market expecting her to discharge in Tees, ETA 14-Nov.

MGC Manitoba left the shipyard in Ulsan and is heading for Singapore, ETA 8-Nov.

Aurora Capricorn was originally expected to load a cargo at Soyo for Total at the beginning of November. However, after she rounded the Cape of Good Hope, she updated her AIS for Bonny, ETA 5-Nov.

Berge Ningbo also is signaling for Bonny, ETA 12-Nov, after having completed a voyage from Enterprise to Brazil for Exxon. Although the market was expecting her to load a 33:12 C3:C4 cargo, she has slowed down to 1.5 kn with her trajectory indicating that she may be heading west either toward USGC or Europe.

2 of Trafigura’s VLGCs signaling for Lome, Togo:

  • Pacific Qingdao loaded in Bonny on 28-Oct and was drifting around W. Africa until 3-Nov, when she arrived at the Lome anchorage.
  • BW Tucana completed loading in Targa on 2-Nov with ETA for Lome on 18-Nov.
Floating Storage in Asia
There are less and less vessels acting as floating storage:
  • Singapore (44 kt floating; 49 kt last week)
  • Far East (44kt floating; 75 kt last week)
    • Gas Beryl loaded in Asaluyeh on 2-Sept and arrived in SGP on 16-Sept. On 21-Sept, she began moving north and although her AIS is signaling for Wenzhou, ETA 11-Oct, she has been floating outside the port since 29-Sept.
  • Floating Storage Now Moving
    • Ming Zhu loaded via STS with Ming Long on 24-Sept at Nipah Anch. She had been floating outside Hong Kong since 12-Oct until 2-Nov when she arrived in Shantou.
    • BW Nantes loaded in Nipah Anch. on 11-Sept and has completed transferring her cargo to SGCs.


Lavera Imports
There are currently 2 VLGCs heading for Lavera:
  • BW Energy completed loading at Enterprise on 26-Oct and is signaling for the terminal, ETA 12-Nov.
  • Concorde completed loading in Marcus Hook on 1-Nov with ETA for Lavera on 14-Nov.

The last cargo from Enterprise was imported back in April on board Corsair, who arrived at the port on 5-Apr.

The majority of the cargoes over the last 5 months have originated from Bethioua, which accounted for 70% of seaborne imports alone. Marcus Hook was second at 17%, and Bonny third at 11%