Europe, Middle East & Africa


  • Libyan exports continued to recover over the last few months. Exports attained 413 kbd in October. After Zueitina resumed loadings in September, Es Sider is expected to load its first cargo since Dec-14 in the next weeks.
  • October Libyan exports were mainly delivered to MED zone, except for two vessels:


  • Aspen Spirit loaded 750 kb of Qua Iboe on October-12 and discharged at Monroe Refinery, Delaware. This is the first US-import of  Qua Iboe since June.


  • Indian imports attained highest 2016 levels in October after dropping in September: Our data shows imports at 4,450 kbd in October:
Indian monthly imports 2016 (kbd)
  • 4 VLLCs of Maya crude oil arrived to India in October accounting for 8.2 Mbbls of imports, more than 5 times imports from Mexico registered in September. In the meantime, imports from Al-Basrah terminal dropped from 21.7 Mbbls in September to 13.3 Mbbls in October.
  • 2 CPC deliveries into India took place in October. Triathlon and  Nantucket discharged 1 million barrels each into Jamnagar refinery on October 16 and 21, respectively. They are the first CPC cargos arriving to India since April.


Floating Storage

  • The VLCCs Devon, Dore and Destiny which left Iranian floating storage on Oct. 27 are currently headed for Paradip, Mangalore and South Korea.
  • The Suezmax Giannis moved from Fujairah anchorage to Kharg Island on Oct. 24 before loading at the terminal. Since being at Kharg Island, it has been moored with a draft of 15 meters.