Forecasted Vessels
South Hook:
We expect only one vessel to arrive at the terminal in the next few weeks:
Rasheeda, who was initially expected to arrive at the plant on 28-November, is currently headed toward Far East, ETA 1-December.
The terminal is still expecting only one discharge operation in the following weeks on board Yenisei River, ETA 15-November. The vessel is now crossing the Suez Canal.

There is only one vessel expected to arrive: LNG Abuja Ii is delivering her Bonny-sourced cargo, ETA 20-November.

Kpler analysts expect one reload operation by Centrica in the next few weeks.



Maran Gas Asclepius is making her laden voyage toward the terminal with her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo, ETA 22-November.
There are two vessels scheduled for discharge at the terminal: Gas Natural’s Catalunya Spirit , ETA 20-November, and LNG Imo, ETA 23-November.
Fos Cavaou:

The terminal data reveals AL Bahiya coming on 20-November.

Total’s Arwa Spirit is expected for reload at the plant on 22-November.



Trafigura’s Energy Atlantic reloaded a cargo at Sines on 5-November, and is expected to deliver it to India. The vessel is currently crossing the Red Sea.

Shell’s Gaslog Greece lifted a cargo on 12-November, and is now headed toward S.America with no clear destination.

Trafigura’s Golar Penguin loaded a FOB cargo from Engie on 13-November, and is currently entering the Red Sea. Her destination is not yet clear.

Also, the terminal expects a loading operation on board Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Paris, ETA 27-November.



There are two vessels expected by Kpler analysts at the terminal:


To Keep on Your Radar

Qatargas’ Al Sadd remains unseen for 11 days. Kpler analysts have confirmed her destination toward Far East. The vessel undocked on 7-November and is well underway.

Al Utouriya loaded a partial cargo at Ras Laffan on 24-October, and is still floating at Dubai anchorage.

Ras Laffan Cargo Liftings Weekly

Weekly exports from Ras Laffan dropped to 0.28 million tonnes in the previous week. This is an indication of suspected maintenance in the end of October. Please find the overview of Qatargas maintenance for 2016 here below:

QG1 planned shutdowns were completed Jan-Feb of Train 1 and Train 2
QG3 planned shutdown was completed 1-25th of March of Train 6
QG1 planned shutdown was completed April of Train 3


European Stocks and Send-outs

At South Hook, the average send-out level slightly decreased from 145.5 GWh/d to 102.40 GWh/d this week.