As the market was expecting VLGC BW Pine to lift a propane cargo in Nederland, she updated her AIS to Freeport. By doing so, she’s the third vessel to head to the newly opened Phillips 66 facility in Texas. Aurora Balder will load a propane cargo a few days before on 21-Nov.

To conclude on Freeport, the inaugural vessel eventually unveiled her destination. BW Broker set sail to Far East using the cape of Good Hope route, as her AIS is transmitting Port Elizabeth.

Naftomar’s pursuing to supply the Mediterranean Sea with US sourced propane. Upon arrival in Malta Anchorage, Chaparral, that lifted a propane cargo out of Enterprise, performed a STS operation with Gaz Supplier. The latter is used by Naftomar to fill SGCs such as Gaz Century, Gaz Explorer or Gaz Synergy and then send them to smaller port (Italian, Lybian…). Petredec fixed Pacific Weihai to load on 18-Nov in Houston. She’ll be headed to Malta to deliver fresh supplies to the Med zone, ETA 07-Dec.

Loads of butane is coming to West Africa. As Pacific Qingdao and Marcellus Lady were spotted ahead of Lomé, Trafigura’s BW Tucana and Glencore BW Loyalty both have loaded in Targa and both have their AIS indicating Lomé, with ETAs for 18-Nov and 27-Nov. It’ll bring 92kt of butane in an already well-supplied region.

Petredec’s BW Trader is having an unexpected journey. After lifting a propane cargo out of Enterprise, her AIS was indicating SGP. Instead she headed to Suape on 14-Nov but she didn’t stop there and resumed her way to SGP through Cape of Good Hope. Two days later, she made a U-turn, and she’s now heading back to Suape.

In the meantime, Petredec fixed Morston that loaded an evenly split 34kt (partial) cargo out of Escravos. It’s the second cargo out of the facility in nearly 4 months.
Versalis’ cracker in Dunkirk is resuming propane imports as Scali del Teatro and St. Vincent delivered the first LPG cargoes in three months on 08-Nov and 15-Nov.

On the ethane side, Gaschem Beluga and Ethane Crystal are both heading towards Morgans Point. The commissioning of those two vessels is expected to approximately double world’s ethane fleet capacity.


Floating Storage
It’s getting quiet on floating storage worldwide.
Elsewhere, there is no longer floating storage to report.


US Exports figures
Last week was the quietest week registered since September. This can be explained by the closed Asian arb in early October, at the time when the lifters had to decide whether or not they’ll be lifting cargoes the following month. We’ve seen 17 liftings on week ending 11-Nov down by 4 week-on-week. Total exports are down by 207 kbd compared to previous week (-23%).
Exports out of Enterprise are down by 90 kbd, down by 61 kbd in Marcus Hook and no exports were seen out of Ferndale.