Sabine Pass Inventories

We observed a stable send-in level at the average level of 1,39 Bcf/d.

Sabine Pass: Lineup 

There are five vessels expected to arrive at the terminal in the next few weeks:


Eligible Vessels for Sabine Pass 

There are several ballast vessels heading toward the Americas with no clear destination:

Main Highlights

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Boston loaded at Atlantic LNG on 5-November, and is currently floating in the N.Atlantic. Kpler analysts expect her to discharge at Everett, ETA 27-November.

PetroChina’s Wipride loaded a cargo at Sabine Pass on 17-November, and is currently headed toward Gibraltar ETA 2-December, according to her AIS. The vessel is expected to discharge in South Korea, but considering the taken route, other destinations are also possible.

Shell’s Maran Gas Alexandria, loaded at Sabine Pass on 11-November, and is now discharging at Manzanillo. Another Sabine Pass cargo on board Creole Spirit is floating off of the terminal and is waiting to be discharged.

Shell’s Methane Alison Victoria loaded at Sabine Pass on 3-November, and is currently signalling for the Indian Ocean, ETA 19-November. Her potential destinations are in the Middle East and India.

Shell’s Galea lifted a cargo at Sabine Pass on 14-November, and is now headed toward Chile, ETA 28-November.

Shell’s Methane Julia Louise is now crossing the Panama Canal with her Sabine Pass cargo, and her destination is not yet clear.