3 vessels have loaded at the P66 Freeport terminal, with all of them heading toward Far East destinations:

  • BW Broker loaded a 50:50 split cargo on 8-Nov and is heading for Port Elizabeth, ETA 6-Dec, indicating she will continue towards Asia.
  • Aurora Balder, loaded a propane cargo on 21-Nov, transited the Panama Canal on 30-Nov, and is signaling for the “Pacific”, ETA 17-Dec.
  • BW Pine loaded a 50:50 split cargo on 26-Nov and is heading for Cristobal Anchorage, ETA 1-Dec, indicating she will transit through the Panama Canal.

Clipper Star is currently loading her 3rd re-export in a row at Pajaritos. Her first export from the terminal was offloaded onto smaller vessels, who in turn delivered their cargoes around the Mediterranean and W. Africa. She discharged her second cargo in Mohammedia on 9-Nov before heading back to Pajaritos.

BW Cedar has updated her AIS for Soyo, ETA 17-Dec. British Commerce had also been signaling for Soyo and arrived at the port on 27-Nov.

The first LPG cargo going from Marcus Hook to Far East has finally been delivered. BW Carina loaded a propane cargo at the terminal on 31-Aug, and discharged partials in Ulsan (15-Nov), Raoping (22-Nov), and Fujian (25-Nov).

Both the Termigas and Gas Tomza terminals in Tuxpan have historically been importing LPG from the U.S., with the former receiving regular shipments on board the same vessel. There have been changes to these patterns in recent days:

  • Gas Tomza: Petredec’s Pazifik loaded in Pisco, Peru on 22-Nov, and is expected in Tuxpan, ETA 4-Dec.
  • Termigas: Nieto’s Eagle Ford Lady has been the sole vessel shuttling LPG from Targa to their terminal in Tuxpan since the end of Feb, with her most recent delivery expected by the port on 1-Dec. However, Vitol’s JS Ineos Ingenuity loaded in Enterprise on 27-Nov and is currently discharging at the terminal.

After waiting outside Grangemouth since 16-Oct, Js Greenstar finally discharged her ethane cargo on 26-Nov after originally loading in Marcus Hook on 4-Oct. JS Ineos Inspiration has been anchored outside Grangemouth with her ethane cargo since 16-Nov.

Clipper Hermes has also been sitting outside Teesport since 16-Nov with her ethane cargo originally loaded in Morgans Point on 29-Oct.

November U.S. Gulf Coast Exports to Far East
19 vessels are headed to or have discharged in Far East during the month:
  • Delivered cargoes:
    • Sunny Vista loaded at Enterprise on 1-Nov and discharged a partial cargo in Niigata , Japan on 29-Nov. She is next headed to Nanao, ETA -Dec.
    • Astomos Earth loaded in Nederland on 2-Nov and is currently discharging in Negishi, Japan.
  • In-transit cargoes: 18 vessels with loaded cargoes (incl. partially loaded Sunny Vista) are currently on their way Far East
    • 1 vessel is headed via the Cape of Good Hope: BW Broker, who completed loading in Freeport on 14-Nov.
    • 17 loaded vessels, or 765 kt, have or are scheduled to transit the Panama Canal on their way to Asia.
November U.S. Gulf Coast Exports
The majority of cargoes are heading or were delivered to Asia, followed by Latin America/Caribbean, and finally Europe.
Due to the close proximity of Latam/Carib to the USGC, the majority of delivered cargoes are within this region, whereas the majority of non-delivered cargoes are destined for Far East.