Forecasted Vessels


The send-out has increased, indicating that a potential cargo might be underway. Currently, there is no available space in tanks to accommodate a vessel, therefore we do not expect any cargo within the next 7-10 days.
South Hook:
With several Qatari vessels re-positioned after a strong pull towards Asia in November, the line-up has been updated with two Q-max vessels added:
  • Al Huwaila, ETA 7-December. The vessel is early and currently floating at Gibraltar.
  • Aamira, ETA 21-December. She is now anchored at Fujairah, and is expected to load at Ras Laffan on 4-December.
  • Mozah, ETA 31-December. The vessel is waiting at Fujairah to lift a cargo at Ras Laffan, ETA 16-December.



The terminal is expecting one discharge operation on board Milaha Qatar, ETA 8-December.

Express reloaded a cargo on 29-November, and is now headed toward the N. Atlantic with no clear destination.


PetroChina’s Wilpride loaded a tender partial cargo at Sabine Pass on 17-November, and is currently headed toward Toscana, ETA 6-December. The vessel is expected then to reload at Gate on 14-December, and deliver to South Korea.

There are no vessels expected to arrive at the terminal.

Centrica’s Stena Crystal Sky is about to deliver her re-exported cargo to Incheon, ETA 2-December. The vessel was earlier expected at Pyeong Taek with ETA 1-December.

Kpler analysts still expect one reload operation by Centrica in the next few weeks, with  Golar Bear as a potential vessel. She is currently anchored off of Falmouth, UK.


Engie’s FSRU Neptune is expected to arrive at the port in the next few weeks for a cool down or full cargo reload for her new position as the Botas FSRU. The vessel has been undergoing maintenance at Marseille since October 2016.

Gdf Suez Point Fortin was expected at Montoir on 27-November for reload, but then changed her route on 25-November and headed toward Gibraltar.


Fos Cavaou:

Total’s Arwa Spirit reloaded on 21-November, and is signalling for Senboku, ETA 28-December.
LNG Abalamabie discharged her Bonny-sourced cargo on 29-November, and is now headed toward Sabine Pass to lift her next cargo.
There are two vessels expected by Kpler analysts at the terminal:


To Keep on Your Radar

Al Kharaitiyat loaded at Ras Laffan on 29-November, and is now signalling for the Arabian Sea with no clear destination.

Al Nuaman is currenly loading at Ras Laffan, and her potential destinations may be in NWE.


Ras Laffan Cargo Liftings Weekly
This week we observed the majority number of cargoes headed toward Far East.
European Stocks and Send-outs
At South Hook, the average send-out level slightly decreased to 97.92 GWh/d this week.