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North West Europe Floating storage

Las week’s OPEC agreement will certainly have a direct impact on floating storage and particularly, in the most expensive ones. Find below an updated table of our North Sea floating storage:

  • Taking into consideration only vessels which did not set a destination, floating storage in North Sea fell from 11.4 million barrels last week to 7.7 million barrels.
  • Below, our North West Europe floating storage beak-down by grade updated:

WAF floating storage


We also look closely to West African floating storage. We spotted a total of 9 vessels sitting close to the Gulf of Guinea loaded. Below, the list of our West African Floating storage:

  • All of the vessels in the list above did not set a destination except Yannis P. which signaled Abidjan ETA Dec.1, approached the terminal, but did not discharge. She is now waiting 130 km from Abidjan. Below our WAF floating storage break-down by grades


  • Activity in Galveston is unusually high. 27 tankers are currently at the anchorage. Approx. 10 MMbbl loaded onto 12 tankers are still to be discharged.