Aurora Frigg, the 4th vessel to load at Freeport, un-docked on 6-Dec and is heading for the Panama Canal, ETA 10-Dec.

After completing a voyage from Enterprise to Terneuzen, Yuricosmos updated her AIS for Freeport, ETA 18-Dec. The market expects her to load a full propane cargo on 26-Dec.Shell has fixed BW Malacca for her maiden voyage – she is currently loading a full propane cargo in Nederland.

Petredec’s Spread Eagle loaded a propane cargo at Enterprise on 25-Nov, transited the Panama Canal on 4-Dec, and offloaded her cargo at Balboa Anch. to Yuyo, who is now delivering the cargo to Chorrillo, ETA 10-Dec. This is the 2nd Houston cargo to be transferred via STS at Balboa since the Panama Canal’s expansion in June.

Geogas’s Balearic Gas loaded a tender cargo sold by MarkWest at Marcus Hook. She is expected by the port of Sines on 14-Dec.



Clipper Jupiter loaded a cargo at Hammerfest on 6-Dec and is now expected by the port of Stenungsund, ETA 10-Dec. This is the 2nd cargo from Hammerfest to Stenungsund this year, with the first also on-board Clipper Jupiter back in March. Stenungsund has been receiving the majority of their cargoes from Ust-Luga, followed by Kaarstoe and Mongstad.

BW Magellan loaded a mixed cargo in Kaarstoe on 1-Dec and is drifting off Gibraltar. The market expects her to discharge in Turkey.

Kaarstoe is expecting another VLGC at their terminal this month: Aurora Freyja has rounded the Cape of Good Hope and is heading north toward the terminal, ETA 24-Dec.


West Africa

British Courage and Yamabuki are both heading toward Bonny Island with ETAs 16-Dec and 18-Dec, respectively.

Hellas Hercules is signaling for Sanha, ETA 15-Dec.

BW Cedar is signaling for Soyo, ETA 17-Dec, where British Commerce has been sitting since the end of Nov.

BW Empress is on her way to W. Africa with a small butane cargo loaded in Bahia Blanca. Her destination is not yet clear.

SGC Mayfair loaded a butane cargo in Dock Sud, Buenos Aires on 29-Nov, and sent a signal for Flushing with ETA  19-Dec. She was originally heading north, but on 7-Dec she began heading east toward W. Africa.


Middle East

Gas Beryl has been transporting LPG from Iran to China over the past few years. She has now been fixed by Petredec, and loaded a cargo in Ras Laffan on 6-Dec. She is heading for Japan, ETA 26-Dec.



After transporting a cargo from Ras Laffan to Teluk Semangka for Petredec, Yuyo Spirits is on her way to NWS. She was originally heading toward Galle.

Astomos’s Nadeshiko Gas is ballasting south from Taiwan, and is also heading for NWS, ETA 15-Dec.

Analysis shows that Saltram loaded a cargo in Tanjung Sulong on 28-Nov and conducted a STS at Tanjung Berakit Anch. with Captain Markos Nl, who just left the shipyard in Singapore. Morston, who loaded a cargo in Escravos on 7-Nov is also anchored nearby.

Aquamarine Progress is also expected to load at Tanjung Sulong. She has not been seen in several days, but was last positioned just outside the port.

FPC is expecting 3 cargoes this week at their terminal in Mailiao, Taiwan:

  • Aurora Brage discharged 23kt of propane on 7-Dec (origin Ras Laffan)
  • Sinndar is expected on 9-Dec to discharge 23 kt butane (origin Nederland)
  • Ronald N is expected on 11-Dec to discharge 22 kt propane (origin Enterprise)


Pacific Ocean Voyages
15 loaded vessels are currently heading west across the Pacific Ocean toward Asia:
  • 7 are from Enterprise, 3 from Nederland, 2 each from Freeport and Targa, and 1 from Ferndale.
  • Of those with specified destinations, 8 are heading to Japan, 3 to Ulsan, S. Korea, 1 to China, 1 to Singapore, and 2 without specific Far Eastern destinations.


U.S. Official Data and Kpler Back-Test
We back-tested Kpler data against information from the U.S. International trade Commission (USITC) for 2016 U.S. exports.
The USITC has published export figures up to September 2016, and year-to-date, the discrepancy between Kpler and USITC is less than 1% apart.