Forecasted Vessels

South Hook:

There are currently two vessels expected at the terminal:
Aamira, ETA 21-December. She is now crossing the Arabian Sea with her Ras Laffan cargo
Mozah, ETA 31-December. The vessel is waiting at Ras Laffan anchorage to load.



Trafigura’s  Golar Bear is currently reloading a cargo at the terminal. Her next destination is not yet clear.

Statoil’s Arctic Discoverer is scheduled to deliver her Snohvit-sourced cargo on 11-December. The vessel is currently floating off of Skagen, Denmark Strait.

PetroChina’s Wilpride is expected to reload at the plant on 12-December, and deliver the cargo to South Korea.


Express reloaded a cargo on 29-November, and is now headed toward Far East.



There are no vessels expected to arrive at the terminal.



Engie’s FSRU Neptune reloaded a cargo at the terminal on 30-November, and is currently headed toward Botas to start operating as a FSRU there.

There are two vessels expected to discharge at the terminal. Gas Natural’s Castillo De Villalba is scheduled to arrive with her Ras Laffan- sourced cargo on 19-December. Also, LNG Lokoja is signalling for the terminal to discharge her Bonny-souced cargo, ETA 27-December.

Gdf Suez Point Fortin was expected at Montoir on 27-November for reload, but then changed her route on 25-November and is now ballasting toward Snohvit.



The terminal is expecting one cargo to be delivered in December. Kpler analysts expect Al Nuaman to deliver her Ras Laffan cargo around 21-December.



Currently, there is only one vessel expected to arrive:  LNG Abuja Ii loaded at Bonny on 6-December, and is now headed toward the plant, ETA 16-December.



There are two vessels expected by Kpler analysts at the terminal:


To Keep on Your Radar

Ejnan loaded at Ras Laffan on 2-December, and is now headed toward Europe.

Umm Slal loaded at Ras Laffan on 7-December, and her next destination is not yet clear.


Ras Laffan Cargo Liftings Weekly
This week we observed a higher diversity in cargo destinations.
European Stocks and Send-outs
At South Hook, the average send-out level slightly decreased from 97.92 GWh/d last week to 60.83 GWh/d this week.