Several vessels are signaling a load in Freeport:

  • Commander is currently loading a propane cargo at the terminal.
  • MGC Permian Lady is signaling to arrive at the port on 15-Dec. She has been fixed by Nieto for end-Dec loading with discharge into Mexico.
  • Cougar is on her way to the terminal, ETA 17-Dec
  • Yuricosmos is expected to load a propane cargo on 26-Dec.
  • Clipper Sirius has passed west through Gibraltar on her way to Freeport, ETA 27-Dec.
There are 3 VLGCs carrying U.S. cargoes that are currently heading to Flushing:

BW Cedar was originally heading toward Soyo, ETA 17-Dec, but has since updated her AIS for Marcus Hook, ETA 28-Dec. Champlain  left Marcus Hook on 14-Dec with a propane cargo, and is expected to deliver it into Lavera.

Puerto Rico is expecting a cargo from Algeria: Petrobas fixed Mathraki, who loaded in Arzew on 11-Dec and is heading for Tallaboa, ETA 23-Dec.

Vitol’s SGC Gaschem Baltic loaded a butane cargo in Cartagena, Colombia on 6-Dec, and is now heading to Point Tupper, Nova Scotia, ETA 17-Dec.


4 VLGCs have loaded or are expected to load in Kaarstoe in December:

VLGC Kikyo has been fixed by Vitol for a voyage from Bethioua to East. She is currently sitting outside the port of Arzew.
SGC Polaris loaded a cargo of Azeri-origin at the Batumi terminal in Georgia, and then went on to discharge in Galati, Romania on 1-Nov. The cargo was then transported by rail to Ukraine, making it the first Azeri LPG cargo imported into the country.


West Africa

British Commerce finally docked at Soyo on 13-Dec after having been sitting outside the plant since the end of Nov. This is the 3rd VLGC loading at Soyo this year.


Middle East

Everrich 8 was last seen berthed at BIK on 13-Dec. She was originally fixed for end of Dec loading by BPCL.
Maharshi Vishwamitra (ex-BW Borg) is waiting outside Mina al-Ahmadi to load her first cargo since mid-June. She has been time chartered to BPCL.
Providence was originally fixed by Total for early January loading in Bethioua. However, after passing west through Singapore Strait, she updated her AIS for Das Island, ETA 24-Dec, and has been chartered by Vitol.



Geogas vessel Navigator Centauri loaded a cargo in Kwinana, and is heading for Beira, ETA 22-Dec.

Yuyo Spirits is currently loading a cargo at NWS.

Astomos Earth is loading a cargo at Bayu Undan. The last cargo loaded there was at the end of October on board Crystal Marine.

Maiden Voyages from Far East:

  • NS Frontier is crossing east across the Pacific. She is expecting to transit the Panama Canal on 30-Dec.
  • JS Ineos Innovation is also beginning her voyage from Asia across the Pacific toward Balboa Anch, ETA 2-Jan.
  • Yara Sela is waiting outside the port of Dampier to load her maiden ammonia cargo.
Persian Gulf Voyages
19 vessels loaded in the Persian Gulf in the past five days:
  • 9 are from Al Ruwais, from Ras Laffan, from Mina al-Ahmadi, and 1 each from Asaluyeh and Umm Said.
  • are heading to India, 3 to China, 2 to S. Korea, 1 to Indonesia, 1 to Oman for potential STS into India, and 3 with non-specified Far Eastern destinations.


Monthly Norwegian Exports by Vessel Type

As stated earlier, there are 4 VLGCs that have loaded or are expected to load in Kaarstoe in December. In total, this would amount to approximately 136 kt of LPG.

Looking at monthly Norwegian exports for the past 8 months, we can see a significant drop during September. This is due to maintenance works at Kaarstoe and Mongstad at the end of Aug and early Sept, respectively, and there were no VLGC or LGC loadings in the country during the month. Exports bounced back to their normal levels in October.