Freeport highlights:

  • Nieto’s Permian Lady arrived in Freeport on 22-Dec to load a propane cargo with expected delivery into Mexico.
  • UNIPEC’s Commander loaded the first contracted cargo at Freeport on 15-Dec and is heading for the Panama Canal.
  • UNIPEC has also fixed Kobai for loading in Freeport on 12-Jan. She is currently ballasting east across the Pacific.
  • Dow’s Cougar loaded propane in Freeport on 18-Dec and is taking the cargo to their terminal in Tarragona, ETA 5-Jan. This is the first Freeport cargo destined for Europe.
  • The first import of LPG from Freeport is set to occur within the next few days: Aurora Balder, the 2nd vessel to load at the terminal after BW Broker, is signaling that she will arrive in Ulsan with her propane cargo on 24-Dec.

Morgans Point ethane cargoes:
  • Reliance’s Ethane Crystal arrived at the terminal on 13-Dec and completed loading on 20-Dec. She is now on her way to Dahej, ETA 31-Jan.
  • Gaschem Beluga later arrived on 21-Dec, and is still loading.
Last week there were 3 VLGCs carrying U.S. cargoes and that were heading to Flushing; there have been several updates:
  • Concorde is still headed to Flushing and is expected by the port on 24-Dec (ex-Targa)
  • BW Libra has updated her AIS for Antwerp, ETA 22-Dec (ex-Enterprise)
  • Monsoon is now headed for Suape, ETA 26-Dec (ex-Enterprise)
While Monsoon is expected in Suape on 26-Dec, Gas Diana is currently also discharging her Enterprise-sourced cargo at the terminal.
Trafigura’s George N loaded a cargo via STS in Aruba on 5-Dec, transited the Panama Canal, and is headed for Brisbane, ETA 10-Jan.
Geogas vessel Prins Hendrik loaded a partial cargo on 16-Dec. After originally signaling for the Caribbean, she is now headed south to potentially head around Cape Horn.



Clipper Hermes originally loaded an ethane cargo at Morgans Point on 29-Oct and had been sitting outside Teesport since mid-Nov. She finally arrived at Sabic’s North Tees Terminal on 19-Nov to deliver their first ethane cargo (SGC Thetagas delivered ethane to the terminal a few days earlier to gas up the lines).

Dow fixed Waasmunster, who loaded a cargo in Stenungsund and is delivering the cargo into their terminal in Terneuzen.

Balearic Gas was fixed by Repsol for a voyage from Bethioua to Tarragona. She is currently anchored outside Bethioua waiting to load, but she is listed by the port with destination Tunisia.

Cartagena is expecting 2 VLGCs this month; the last VLGC to arrive at the terminal was Sonatrach’s Djanet back in March:

  • Vitol’s Pacific Dongying loaded a propane cargo in Targa on 30-Nov, and is currently discharging a small partial at the terminal. She is then expected to discharge the remainder of her cargo in Tarragona (ETA 25-Dec) and Sines (ETA 28-Dec).
  • Clipper Sun loaded a mixed cargo in Kaarstoe on 19-Dec and is expected by the port of Cartagena on 26-Dec. Although the port indicates she will discharge a full cargo, she is also listed with destination as Tarragona.


West Africa

After completing a voyage from Enterprise to the Med/W. Africa, BW Energy is now headed to Soyo with a calculated ETA of 22-Dec.

Yamabuki is currently loading a split LPG cargo in Bonny. This is the first VLGC to load at the terminal (not Oso) in almost 2 months- the previous VLGC was Pacific Qingdao on 28-Oct.

Kent loaded a cargo in N’Kossa on 6-Dec and is now discharging in Livorno.


Middle East

Pertamina fixed Gas Courage to transport their 3rd cargo from Iran to Indonesia. The vessel will arrive in Kalbut on 30-Dec.
Petredec’s Shergar loaded in Ras Laffan on 14-Dec and arrived in Galle on 20-Dec. She has been floating there ever since with her AIS reading ‘At Sea’.
Glencore’s Bu Sidra was originally ballasting toward Cape of Good Hope, but later was floating in the Indian Ocean from 19-22 Dec. She has now picked up her speed and is sailing toward the Persian Gulf.

Asia/OceaniaAurora Capricorn loaded in Oso on 9-Nov, and discharged a partial cargo at Idemitsu Chiba- this is the first Nigerian import into Japan this year. The vessel went on to discharge the rest of her cargo in Ulsan (18-Dec) and Pyeong Taek (21-Dec).

Ronald N has been waiting outside Mailiao since 11-Dec to discharge the remainder of her propane cargo. As of today, the port expects her to discharge on 23-Dec.


Formosa Petrochemical Corporation

It was announced that FPCC would not purchase any spot LPG cargoes in January.

The last cargo purchased for this year is being carried on board Gas Friend, who is set to deliver 22 kt of propane to the company’s cracker in Mailiao, ETA 27-Dec.

Imports into Mailiao totaled approx. 1.15 mtons this year, with a little over 50% originating from the U.S. Following the U.S., Qatar and Saudi Arabia account for 10% each of total imports.

November saw the highest amount of imports for the year at 159 kt, which was delivered on board 6 vessels.