Weekly Highlights 

The Soyo plant is still undergoing unplanned maintenance. Sonangol Etosha loaded a tender cargo on 17-December, and is now signalling for Incheon, ETA 13-January.

Due to increased demand in the region, both Engie’s vessels are headed toward Everett with their Atlantic LNG-sourced cargoes: Bw Gdf Suez Boston is currently discharging at the berth, and Gaselys is expected at the terminal on 30 December.

Cheniere’s Maria Energy delivered her maiden Sabine Pass cargo to Caofeidian on 28-December. This is the third cargo delivered from Sabine Pass to China.

There are several vessels that loaded at Sabine Pass and are expected to deliver to Far East: Shell’s Maran Gas Efessos, NLNG’s LNG Abalamabie, and Shell’s Maran Gas Achilles. Overall, Kpler analysts observe an influx of loaded vessels headed west across the Pacific

Latest Reloads

Shell’s Corcovado LNG reloaded at SLNG on 23-December, and is now making her laden voyage toward Pacific Asia with no clear destination.

Shell’s Galea is scheduled to arrive at Gate on 29-December, potentially for a reload.

Trafigura’s Golar Bear reloaded at Gate on 7-December, and is expected by Kpler analysts to discharge at Dabhol, ETA 31-December.

PetroChina’s Wilpride reloaded a cargo at Gate on 12-December, and initially was expected by the market to deliver to South Korea. Currently, the vessel is signalling for Ain Sokhna, ETA 30-December.

Express reloaded a cargo at Zeebrugge on 29-November, and is about to discharge it at Caofeidian, ETA 30-December.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Paris is currently reloading a cargo at Montoir.

Christophe De Margerie is making her ballast voyage toward Zeebrugge for a reload, ETA 25-January.

Interesting Moves 

Diversion of the week: Cheniere’s Methane Spirit was expected by the market to load at Sabine Pass on 3-January. Nevertheless, she changed her route on 23-December, and now is headed toward Europe.

EDFT’s Golar Frost loaded a tender cargo at Das Island on 14-December, and is currently delivering it to Yung An, ETA 29-December.

Shell’s Maran Gas Agamemnon loaded at Idku on 22-December, and is currently crossing the Arabian Sea with India as a potential destination, ETA 1-January.

Marib Spirit loaded at Gorgon on 18-December, and is now anchored off of Singapore. Her final destination is not yet clear.

Newbuild Woodside Rees Withers loaded at Pluto on 25-December, and is now making her maiden voyage toward Incheon, ETA 4-January.