Weekly Highlights 

Shell’s Galea reloaded a partial cargo at Gate on 3-December, and delivered first to Sagunto on 6-January. Currently, the vessel arrived at Delimara, Malta to discharge the rest of LNG. This is the commissioning cargo for Delimara power station.

Cheniere’s Oak Spirit delivered a Sabine Pass cargo to Joetsu Chubu for Jera on 6-January. This is the first delivery from Sabine Pass to Japan. Also, Cheniere’s Stena Clear Sky is floating off of Futtsu, Japan to discharge her Sabine Pass cargo, ETA 14-January.

Gorgon Train 1 came online recently, and is expected to operate at a full capacity in next 10 days. Marib Spirit loaded at the terminal on 18-December, and after a turn to Bintulu anchorage she headed toward Tongyeong, ETA 14-January. Since then, the terminal loaded five cargoes, and is expecting to load two more soon on board Asia energy, ETA 13-January, and Energy Confidence, ETA 19-January.

Latest Reloads

Shell’s Corcovado LNG arrived at SLNG to reload a cargo, and is currently anchored at the port.

Esshu Maru is now ballasting toward Gate where she is expected to reload, ETA 26-January.

Centrica’s Yari LNG is scheduled for re-export at Grain on 17-January.

Express reloaded a cargo at Zeebrugge on 29-November, and is still floating off of Caofeidian since 30-December.

Engie’s Global Energy changed the name from Gdf Suez Global Energy. The vessel reloaded at Grain on 9-January, and is expected to arrive to Zeebrugge on 14-January.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Paris reloaded at Montoir on 29-December, and is now making her laden voyage toward Nihonku, ETA 31-January.

Christophe De Margerie is making her ballast voyage toward Zeebrugge for a reload, ETA 19-January.


Interesting Moves 

Malanje loaded a tender cargo at Soyo on 10-January, and her destination is not yet clear.

Statoil’s Arctic Voyager is making her laden voyage from Snohvit to Canaport, ETA 17-January. Another cargo from Snohvit on board Statoil’s Arctic Princess is expected at Aliaga, ETA 21-January.

Al Hamla loaded at Ras Laffan on 31-December, and is now headed toward Turkey. Kpler analysts expect her to arrive at Aliaga on 13-January.

Newbuild Gas Natural’s Rioja Knutsen is currently loading her maiden cargo at Sabine Pass, and then she is expected to cross the Panama Canal, ETA 18-January.

Another newbuild vessel, Cesi Qingdao, is headed toward Curtis Island to load, ETA 21-January.