Sabine Pass Inventories

This week we observed send-in level above 1.9 Bcf/d for the first time. Send-in average was 1.75 Bcf/d, with WtW change of 0.18 Bcf/d.


Sabine Pass: Lineup 

There is an influx of nine vessels expected to arrive at the terminal in the next few weeks


Eligible Vessels for Sabine Pass 

There are several ballast vessels heading toward the Americas with no clear destination:

Main Highlights

Gas Natural’s Seishu Maru changed on 18-January her destination from Caofeidian, China to Gwangyang, S. Korea. The vessel is expected to discharge her Sabine Pass cargo on 29-January. This is the third delivery from Sabine Pass to S. Korea.

Also, Shell’s Maran Gas Efessos is about to deliver her Sabine Pass cargo to South Korea, which makes it the second delivery there from Sabine Pass.

Shell’s Sestao Knutsen delivered her Sabine Pass cargo to Sagunto on 15-January. This is the second delivery from Sabine Pass to Spain, and the fourth cargo to Europe overall.

Shell’s Hispania Spirit is currently discharging her Sabine Pass. This is the third delivery from Sabine Pass to Turkey.

There are two more vessels headed toward Europe from Sabine Pass: Shell’s Scf Mitre and Gas Natural’s Rioja Knutsen. Their potential destinations are Europe or the Middle East.

Market sources indicated PetroChina has chartered Cool Voyager. The vessel is now crossing the Pacific Ocean with no clear destination.