Weekly Highlights

The Skikda terminal is still shut down due to ongoing maintenance. There are currently no liftings expected to take place this week and no clear information on the restart date.

Ocean Quest has arrived at the new Pagbilao LNG terminal, where she is expected to operate as a FSRU.

Angola LNG issued a new tender for a cargo loading in the period 21-23 January on board Sonangol Sambizanga. Also, Malanje loaded a tender cargo at Soyo on 10-January and scheduled to deliver to Sines, ETA 21-January.

Turkey is now receiving an increased number of cargoes. Al Hamla loaded at Ras Laffan on 31-December, and delivered 212.819 m3 to Aliaga on 15-January. Also, the terminal is expecting three more cargoes in the next few weeks on board Statoil’s Arctic Princess, Engie’s Grace Cosmos and Petronas’s Trinity Arrow.

Botas’ Ereglisi Terminal expanded their max ship size from 135.000 to 180.000 m3, with the first upper conventional sized cargo delivered onboard NLNG’s LNG Bonny II on 15-January.

Latest Reloads

Express arrived with her reloaded cargo from Zeebrugge outside the Caofeidian terminal, and was floating there since 29-December. Now, the vessel diverted and headed toward Dahej, ETA 31-January.

Shell’s Corcovado LNG reloaded a cargo, and is about to deliver to Tangshan, ETA 20-January.

Petrobras’s Esshu Maru is now ballasting toward the plant where she is scheduled to reload, ETA 26-January.

Centrica’s Yari LNG is now reloading at Gate and is expected to deliver to Dahej, ETA 8-February.

Centrica’s Gaslog Chelsea will reload at Gate on 7-February. The vessel is now crossing the Suez Canal.

Engie’s Gdf Suez Point Fortin reloaded at Montoir on 16-December and is now headed toward Fos Cavaou, ETA 24-January.


Interesting Moves 

Chevron’s Asia energy loaded a tender cargo at Gorgon on 13-January, and is headed now toward Rayong MTP, ETA 21-January.

Also, Gas Natural’s Seishu Maru changed on 18-January her destination from Caofeidian, China to Gwangyang, S. Korea. The vessel is expected to discharge her Sabine Pass cargo on 29-January.

Market sources indicated PetroChina has chartered Cool Voyager. The vessel is now crossing the Pacific Ocean with no clear destination.