UNIPEC’s VLGC Kobai was expected to load in P66 installation on 12-Jan. Instead, she’s waiting to load in front of Nederland.

BW Prince is going to Aruba with 45 kt of Targa‘s propane. The market expects her to discharge STS at the anchorage.

The Cape of Good Hope route isn’t popular these days. The only ex-USGC 2017 lifting going through the South African Cape is Shell’s NS Frontier so far.

Trafigura moved 6 kt of propane to Point Lisas on 13-Jan aboard MGC Waregem.

Geogas Bastogne is bringing a 20 kt (2:1 split) cargo from Bahia Blanca to the Caribs, ETA 21-Jan.

West Africa

It’s been a long voyage for Glencore’s Cheyenne. After an evenly split lifting in Targa, she discharged her propane in Tarragona (23 kt), did STS in the vicinity of Augusta (10 kt) and a partial discharge in Aliaga (6 kt). She’s now in front of Tema to discharge STS the remaining tons of butane. She might load WAF afterward.

VLGC BW Trader was expected to load in Sanha an evenly split cargo late Jan. Instead, she switched her AIS to Houston, ETA mid-Feb.

It might be BW Sakura that’ll replace her in Sanha as the VLGC was diverted from Ruwais. She was expected to continue supplying the Indian market under BPCL. Instead, Total fixed her to load there, ETA 29-Jan.

BW Loyalty did an STS operation in Takoradi where she discharged 6 kt of butane in Jenny N. The latter is standing in front of the Takoradi doing STS with Gaschem Jade. BW Loyalty will send the rest of her butane cargo (6 kt) in the other Ghanaian port, Tema.

Vitol’s Chelsea lifted a 5 kt cargo from Aruba Anchorage. The LPG was initially originated from Colombia, aboard Norgas Alameda. Her track was suggesting WAF as discharge area. Instead, she’s going to Gibraltar. Her AIS is saying ‘For Orders’ from the beginning.



Constellation original destination was Tarragona when she left Targa with a 46 kt propane cargo on 8-Jan. She’s now expected in Terneuzen on 22-Jan, from port sources.

After being re-routed from Tarragona to Gijon, DOW’s Cougar discharged 12 kt of propane on 2-Jan in the Spanish port. She’s currently discharging the remaining in DOW’s facility, in Tarragona.

From Kaarsto, Statoil is expecting Clipper Sun, the second VLGC to load this month in the facility (50:50 cargo), ETA 21-Jan. Handysize Knokke and Antwerpen are expected tomorrow and LGC Clipper Odin is waiting just outside the port.

The third VLGC to load by the end of the month in Norway will be Tenacity IVin Hammerfest (50:50) to Turkey.

Naftomar’s STS spot was moved from Marsaxlokk to South of Crete. Two of its VLGCs Gaz Supplier and Gaz Unity are waiting there.



Astomos fixed Kikyo to load in Yanbu early Jan and discharge Far East. It failed as Vitol lifted a 44 kt cargo in Bethioua on 18-Dec and is bringing it East, ETA 24-Jan.


Ethane Focus

In the US, VLEC Ethane Emerald has just left Morgans Point, She’s fully loaded with 48 kt of ethane and is going to deliver the second ever ethane shipment to India, ETA 15-Feb.

In Asia, Dahej is receiving first ethane shipment aboard Relgas Nayantara. The SGC is gazing up the lines for VLEC Ethane Crystal. Relgas Nayantara filled its tank on 16-Jan during an STS operation with the VLEC. The later isn’t expected to discharge before 25-Jan in Dahej Complex.

Just off the shipyard in Yeosu, RIL’s third VLEC is currently sailing to Panama Canal. The market is expecting her in Morgans Point by 15-Feb.


US Exports

During the past few weeks, US LPG exports reached records. They accounted 1046 kbd for the week ending 13/1. It includes butane exports but excludes overland trade with Mexico (unlike EIA, we don’t aggregate propylene numbers with propane).